Why not paint something yellow?
– In-game description


"Why not paint something yellow?"

The Yellow Paint is an item in Last Day on Earth, used to color Chests and Trunks or with a Pattern to paint the Chopper.

Yellow Paint is the second-rarest paint color, after White Paint.

Yellow Paint cannot be crafted or recycled.


The Yellow Paint is obtained through the following methods:

  • In the Chests inside the Coupon terminals at Bunker Alfa's Lobby.
  • As random loot drop in the chests in resource zones
  • As random loot drop from the event Airdrop
  • As random drop in the shop Pack.
  • Inside the Survivors Choppers in the event Rest Stop.


Yellow Paint is used to paint Chests and Trunks yellow or orange (with red).

Yellow Paint is also used to recolor the Chopper in the following Patterns' recipes:

  • Fire (with black and red)
  • Harvey (with black)
  • Leopard (with black and red)
  • Nuclear (with black)

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