Great for minor repairs and seems to outlive its owners
—In-game description


"Great for minor repairs and seems to outlive its owners"

The Wrench is a rare item critical in several Blueprints and second-phase construction builds in the game.


Wrenches may be obtained in the following locations:

Bunker Alfa Level 1 Wrench

Possible wrench location (Level 1)

  • Floor 1 / Lobby: Shelf in the room with one Fast Biter
Bunker Alfa Level 2 Wrench

Possible wrench location (Level 2)

  • Floor 2: Locker in the room across from the terminal, where the generator used to be, with one Frenzied Giant
Bunker Alfa Level 3 Wrench

Possible Wrench location (Level 3)


Wrenches can also be exchanged in for points with Jane at the Gas Station.

Wrench is used in the other following Blueprints:


On the Recycler, a Wrench can be recycled into Scrap Metal and Steel Bar in 10 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Other recycling skill.

Trivia and Tips

  • 20 Wrenches were required to craft the Gunsmith Bench before Beta v.1.9.
  • Given their rarity and utility, Wrenches should not be wasted or left behind when found.
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