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Wrecked ship is an event location on the Global Map.

Wrecked ship is a time limited 7 days event.

This event is accessible in Week 3 of Season 1.

Wrecked ship

High level of danger. Opens during the last week of the season.

Wrecked ship event

You spotted a ship washed ashore.

Wrecked ship event2

Soldiers informed that the path to Charlie's den has been cleared out, time to visit him.

Wrecked ship map
Wrecked ship map2

"Stop him here and the aviation will flatten everything. Try not to die." - soldier

While the helicopter drops bombs, take Charlie Sr. into the bombs range radius. They do 105 damage.


Before Beta v.1.14

Wrecked Ship Interaction

The Wrecked ship was an event where players can get loot from three shipping containers. The area is initially populated by a distributed horde of Crowd Zombies and Fast Biters. When you attempt to unlock or loot the crates, Crowd Zombies will swarm you. 20 seconds after a wave, a Fast Biter will spawn.

There are a few explosive barrels strategically placed throughout the area; once they're damaged below 20 HP, they will start to lose HP very rapidly and explode at zero, killing all living entities (deer, zombies, players, etc.) in the red circle of area effect. After clearing all the zombies, make your way to the containers, and don't waste time, as these boxes take an extra-long time to open (about 25 seconds).


The loot has been changed to include 10-15 items such as:

Video Tutorials


HOW TO DO NEW SHIPWRECK IN 1.6.7 ! Last Day On Earth Survival

Credits: Doomeris



Credits: Resbakk Gaming

Trivia and Tips

  • Introduced in Beta v.1.6.4.
  • Remade in Beta v.1.6.7.
  • If you stand under the hanging red box at the ship, it'll fall and crush you. If you have good timing and luck, you can smoosh some zombies with it.
  • Your body can be re-looted if you die in the area, as long as the event doesn't end before you return.
  • The event lasts 50 minutes and is found on the shore south of your base.
  • The event occurs every 2 days.
  • The containers and the barrels are exclusive to this event.
  • The event seems to have been disabled as of Beta v.1.6.9.
  • Removed in Beta v.1.6.10.
  • Zombies spawn in the middle, so go along the edge to the crate closest to the sea, going to the sea side of it. Start opening and get first loot, possibly a weapon. Always open from the side AWAY from zombies. Clear original zombies, and wait for the second round to spawn, killing them with an Explosive Barrel. Open a crate away from the zombie-spawn side (toward the Wrecked ship). Repeat.
  • Reintroduced in Beta v.1.14
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