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Waterpumps is an assembly station found in Port Sewer.

Repairing the waterpumps will remove the poison Goo that causes damage to the player from the Port Sewer corridor.

  • ”Now there shouldn’t be any poison in the corridor”- message received after repairing the Waterpumps.



Trivia and Tips

  • Introduced in Beta v.1.17.6
  • In the long run, repairing the waterpumps will save the player the usage of healing items and give faster movement ability in the corridor. Other then that there is no reason to repair the waterpumps at this point.
  • Repairing the waterpumps is a one time fix, there is no need to repair the waterpumps every Port Sewer reset.
  • NOTE: Don't be confused with the Water Pump Terminal in Bunker Bravo since they require different materials and serve almost the same purpose.

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