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Visit a Watchtower to unlock vision in this sector



Watchtowers appear on the global map, and are used to unlock new areas of the map.

There are two Watchtower's in the unlocked area players start in at the beginning of the game. Repairing the 1st Watchtower requires the Electric Generator and unlocks the Northern Region and Winter Zones. A Chopper is needed to deliver the Electric Generator to the watchtower.

The second one requires some materials but if you have already played before the update then all you need to do are kill a few zombies as there is already a generator at the site but It cannot be activated.


There are also around 4 Oak Trees that will require a Iron Hatchet around the outskirts of the watchtower, along with 10 Pine Trees.

The center of the map contains the watchtower, and there is a fence surrounding it. There is a gate on the southern end.


New watchtower unlocked in new zone

In order to break down the gate to get in, players need a Crowbar. Inside the structure, there are many zombies, including 3 Fast Biters, 4 Floater Bloaters, and 4 Toxic Abominations. Once these zombies are killed, the player can put an Electric Generator at the foot of the tower.

Once the player puts an Electric Generator at the watchtower, more zombies will appear and attack the player. Once these zombies are killed, the player can interact with the computer next to the tower and then the new areas to the north of the watchtower will be unlocked.

The second watchtower has a partially assembled Electric Generator which requires 10 Wiring, 12 Rubber Parts, and 15 Bolts

If you have already played before the update, then no need to do anything as the Global Map will already reveal the Blackport PD.

The second watchtower cannot reveal the map as we cannot interact with the computer as said in the 1st watchtower so we can only go merely to see it. There are a few zombies: 1 Hungry Chomper, 1 Floater Bloater and 2 police zombies.


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