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At some locations, messages will periodically appear on screen that serve as warning that a certain type of enemy will likely appear.

Note that the warning can refer to either a stationary enemy that spawned with the creation of the area or one that has a chance of spawning while the player is there. There is generally no correlation between the time the message appears and the delay before an enemy appears.


Message Note
A survivor near hear! I can tell by smell. Survivor (hostile AI controlled)
Human smell. Survivors somewhere here. Survivor (hostile AI controlled)
I can smell another survivor. Survivor (hostile AI controlled)
Other survivors have been here. Survivor (hostile AI controlled)
I know this smell. Zombies again.
It smells like a dumpster, the bloater is nearby. Floater Bloater
Smells like a dumpster. The Bloater is close. Floater Bloater
Odor is sickening. The Big One is nearby. The Big One
I can smell the blood in the air. The Big One is hunting The Big One
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