The Wall. Sector 7 is the area players must pass through, via the Gateway Door, to enter the multiplayer sections of the game, which as of Beta v1.8 only includes the Cluster of anomalies, in Beta v.1.11.2 the Cluster of anomalies replace Infected wasteland. The Pump Jack is also beyond the wall.

Location unavailable. Please, update the app. Beta v.1.11.6


Wall. Sector 7 on map.png

Outside, there is a conveyor belt and delivery port similar to those in the coupon exchange on the lobby level in Bunker Alfa, and Blackport PD. There is a Gateway Door terminal in need of repair for the first time it is accessed. On the outside of the wall, a checkpoint station similar than the one in Bunker Alfa and Bunker Bravo also appeared, however, the tiny room of the checkpoint cannot be reached.

(Note: The required materials cost was set very high for the initial release of Beta v1.8 as a traffic-control measure during server capacity review. We suggest to you not to put any item into the access door first.)

Writing over the door reads, "Sector 7, Army Restricted Area."




Wall. Sector 7 includes an airlock space just inside the Gateway Door, in which the player must put on a jumpsuit before accessing the inner chamber. The Airlock chamber also had written Sector 7. A trap-door was added on the floor in Beta v.1.10.2

Inner Chamber

Inner Chamber

The inner chamber contains the Power Armor and a Scientific Mission terminal. After donning the Power Armor you can enter the restricted zone and walk to the Cluster of anomalies. There is a computer terminal available in this room. Every 24 hours a short mission is available. It will ask you to stop a few outbreaks in exchange for an hour of critical damage with a weapon.

The Power Armor was deactivated in Beta v.1.11.2, "Power armor is damaged" message showed.

An storage with 5 slots was added in this room, and an storage terminal with 4 slots with:

Elevator Room

The elevator room contains the elevator to access Bunker. Sector 7 (Clan Base), this room was added in Beta v.1.10.2, you need join a Clan to get access to bunker.

There is no driving in these zones. The Chopper is not permitted.

Tips and Tricks

  • Access to the inventory, sneaking, and attack abilities are currently disabled in Sector 7 and the multiplayer zones.
  • Rank IV True Friend Dogs cannot pass this area; they will lay down to wait for their human in the airlock.

Reparing Gateway Door

Gateway Door-2.png.png


Unlocking sector 7

Credits: Gamer Ahsan


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