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The Wall is one of the building blocks of base construction, along with floors, windows, and doors.

Some walls can be damaged or destroyed during Horde visitations.

Wall can only be constructed connected to a Floor, and to upgrade a Wall, it must be positioned adjacent to a Floor tile of equal or greater level.


Level 1 walls break upon contact with zombies, while players and AI can break L1 walls with stone Hatchets.

Level 2 walls deal 50 damage to zombies and are therefore harder for the Horde to break through. Players and AI can break L2 walls with Iron Hatchets.

Level 3 walls deal 100 damage to zombies and are currently indestructible by the Horde. However, they can be broken with C-4 Explosive by players and AI.

Level 4 walls cannot be damaged until the Metal Cutter is added to the game.

Level 5 walls cannot currently be damaged.


Level Materials Required Pics
1 (Wall)
2 (Plank Wall)
Lv2 Wall.jpeg
3 (Stone Wall)
Lv3 Wall.jpeg
4 (Metal Wall)
Lv4 Wall.jpeg
5 (Brick Wall)
Brick Wall.png

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