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Find Food Easily An important part of Last Day on Earth is finding enough food to sate your appetite and keep healthy at all times. However, aside from the ferocious wolves that attack you and that drop meat when you defeat them, your main source of nourishment will come from either garden beds, or from hunting deer to obtain meat.

Survival Tips for the Last Day on Earth

The first method consists of planting seeds, which will grow into carrots after a few minutes. Each carrot can be consumed raw, and recharge 15 HP, 25 hunger points, and 5 thirst points. However, if you cook them in the campfire first, you will create carrot stew, which restores an extra 5 HP. It is not necessary to cook the carrots, but it is recommended when you have some free time to maximize the healing potential of these ingredients.

Survival Tips for the Last Day on Earth

Survival Tips for the Last Day on Earth

Remember to Recycle There are some materials that can only be obtained after consuming others. The empty bottles, for example, can only be obtained after consuming a water bottle. Similarly, the tin cans can only be obtained after eating a can of beans. While both of these items may come off as clutter or trash, their true utility goes far beyond this. These materials can actually be used in some crafting recipes. The empty bottles, especially, are used in the rain catcher to create water bottles after some time. In this sense, by recycling your empty bottles, you can create an endless supply of the vital fluid.

Survival Tips for the Last Day on Earth

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The tin cans, on the other hand, are less useful at the beginning, but this doesn’t mean that you should toss them. These items are used in the crafting of weapon mods, as well as in the crafting of certain combat items such as traps, melee weapons, and even for some furniture.

Whenever possible, try to keep all the cans and water bottles that you pick up along the way.

Protect Yourself from the Zombie Horde Every 24 hours, your base will come under attack by a horde of zombies that destroy your walls if you don’t fortify them enough. These hordes are unavoidable and, until you manage to strengthen your walls, you won’t be able to stop them from destroying parts of your shelter. Fortunately, these zombies seldom cause any major damage and repairing the holes they poke into your walls only takes a few minutes. However, unless you’re fully armed and well-prepared, we can’t recommend facing a zombie horde by yourself; there are simply too many zombies, and you’ll be overwhelmed in a matter of seconds.

Survival Tips for the Last Day on Earth

If you’re not prepared to face the horde, we recommend that you stay in the map screen until they’re gone. It’s better to survive and rebuild than to die multiple times to the zombie horde.

Use Your Pockets to Save Space A very useful tip that the game fails to mention—like so many others—is the existence of a quick slot where you can assign items for use in a pinch without having to open the inventory. This slot is represented by the pocket icon in your equipment screen. You can assign meat, berries, first aid kits, or any other objects, and these will appear in your UI, just above the attack button. Afterward, using these items is only a matter of clicking the button, or pressing E on your keyboard.

Survival Tips for the Last Day on Earth

Aside from providing a handy way to access important items, this pocket also helps us to save inventory space since the objects you assigned to the quick slot do not take up a slot in your bag. In this sense, by assigning an item to your quick slot, you essentially save an extra slot in your inventory.

Survival Tips for the Last Day on Earth

Pause your Hunger and Thirst Have we ever mentioned how thirst and hunger are the true final bosses of this game? Well, they are. The hunger and thirst meters decrease at an accelerated pace whenever you’re out and about, and your character will need to eat and drink every few minutes or run the risk of dying. For this reason, it’s important that you take at least a stack of food and a few water bottles on every expedition you undertake. Furthermore, remember to keep your empty bottles; they are essential to guarantee your continued survival!

Survival Tips for the Last Day on Earth

Nevertheless, one of our biggest gripes with this game is that there are no ways to pause it, and your hunger and thirst meter will continue decreasing whenever you’re in-game. In this sense, if you’re playing, you’ll need to constantly pay attention to your hunger and thirst meters, which can make playing it heavy and tedious, especially for those who can only play in short sessions.

Survival Tips for the Last Day on Earth

Luckily, for those who want to take short breaks without having to close the game every time they want to go to the kitchen or bathroom, it is possible to “pause” the game by entering the map screen. We use pause between quotes since, even though the game is not truly paused—this is impossible in most online games—your hunger and thirst meters will stop decreasing when you’re in the map.

If you want to create a system that will allow you to brave the zombie apocalypse in a sustainable manner, you will need to concentrate on developing good habits. If you are still new at this game, we recommend taking a look at our beginner’s guide for Last Day on Earth, in which you will learn everything you need to start your adventure. Alternatively, take a look at our blog where you’ll find numerous useful guides to get ahead of the competition in this game.


Food: To get food you will need to hunt down wolfs, deers, turkeys, foxes or make a farm to grow carrots in bake steaks turkeys and carrots to restore more health and hunger. Base: When you build a base you need to have the most walls and doors as possible made out of strong material e.g. Planks, Stone or Metal if you think your base isnt that good dont raid others cause it will show them who stole something from their base so they may raid you back. Weapons:

You can get a kitchen knife from the trunk of the old pickup truck and other things (i think best weapon is minigun).

You can also get a pistol in your first plane crash event you can craft guns and weapons you can get a AK-47 or a M16 in the lottery on the gas station (LvL 15 required) you also can get a minigun from a destroyed convoy if you get it RUN cause a lot of zombies will come to get you so RUN OR DIE you also can get AK-47 OR M16 AND A MINIGUN on the second floor of bunker alfa you have to destroy 2 turrets (its hard).


If you sneak on a back of a roaming zombie or a dear you can kill them without them noticing.


You can find dealers when you build a radio sometimes NPC Raiders will come to your base with trades if they want to trade a C4 or 2

For 7 or more puppies dont trade ITS A SCAM.


If you see a real player dont try to be freindly they will kill you so kill them kill them or be killed.

TRANSPORT: To get some chopper parts

you can go to a bunker and get them you also can find some parts and go to the lottery at the gas station to win an atv part in the jackpot. you can go to the port and unlock a boat blueprint. 

Places: Some places have a different difficulty for e.g. Pine Bushes it has a green tag so infected forest has a red tag so its one of the hardest. meduim difficulty is a yellow tag you can unlock easy places at LvL 0 Medium places at LvL 15 and i dont know when you can unlock red tagged (hardest) places and also the more difficult a place is the more interesthing loot you get.

Levels: To get more exp you need to: hunt down players,npc's or animals you can chop down a tree, read survivor notes and mine.

Gasoline: When you get a vehicle you need to have as much gasoline as possible to drive somewhere

Look here: You will get 5 bottles of gasoline from a carnister so you will get 40 bottles from 8 carnisters with 8 carnisters/40 gasoline bottles you can fill a chopper. you can steal fuel from other player bases.

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