Hey All,

I have been playing LDOE for approximately 4 months now, currently on level 99 and it is a great game, i love the build, the ability to explore, fight zombies, do raids, and make a base to defend it. I have also invested approximately US$300 into playing. However, i am having a problem with some aspects of the game such as the rewards, why should it be that we have to utilize a ton of resources/guns to get such simple rewards? For Crooked Creek Farm, to complete i had to use 5 guns that i got in the packages i bought, yet at the end, i got a shotgun, scythe and a glock. Come on guys, its maddening to know that you go through all that for something that isnt even assisting in progressing through the game. Also, why are the guns breaking so easily??? A fully mod M16 barely gets me through Pine Wood or Limestone Spires. I'll say it again, the game is alot of fun and i honestly don't mind spending cash to support, but this is seriously killing my zeal to continue playing. I hope this can be rectified.

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