Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki

We like raiding; we do. Those of us that can, at least. But do you ever feel like you don't get the most out of your raid? Here's some suggestions:

1) Watch AT LEAST 1 video on YouTube with your raid name and "LDOE". (Yes, it will have spoilers - that's kind of the point.) Sometimes it will show you a chest with guns and lots of axes - so you only take enough axes from your base to open that chest. Sometimes it will show you a set of tactical gear at full durability in the broken truck, so you go naked. The point is, this will help you the most.

2) Map out each and every chest and item types you want and where you want to enter the base.

3) Calculate out the noise it'll take to go that route and only bring that many axes (plus one if you get frazzled and hit random walls occasionally.)

4) Have previously fished and made Fish Steaks - these give you a 10 minute buffer to make less Raid noise. Eat before going to the base.

5) Max out upgrading your Chopper's storage and get used to taking it with you whenever you exit your base's map.

6) Wear a basic backpack when you first go to the base - This serves 2 purposes - 1) It reminds you to fill your chopper as soon as you can. 2) If you screw up the suicide trick, you didn't lose your Tactical Backpack when you try to go back for your main load.

7) Learn the suicide trick by following this rule:

a) Die before 100 noise, without losing connection to the game or going to the map screen after entering the Raid base (from the map screen).

b) Now that you are at your base - empty your chopper of it's items and put on your Tactical backpack and if needed new armor. (Wahoo 8 more items).

8) If there are more items then you can carry, consider crafting. Crafting makes noise and I shouldn't do it, right? Wrong. You have to do it intelligently after you are at 100 noise. Move junk out of the beat up truck and take it into the base, so it is empty. Figure out what you want to craft (most of the time for me it is healing items) - I put those items in my backpack after the suicide trick and before exiting the base with the TBO in the top left corner. I also have previously put however many items into the Truck that I will have spots for after my crafting. Then run out of the Top left with the TBO nipping at your tail. At the map screen, I craft whatever and run into the base to the truck - take all and run out. This helps me feel like I got the most from my raid.

9) If you don't think the raid is NOT worth the C4 - go (for timer purposes) but don't use the C4 - cut down trees or just leave immediately. The timer is still worth getting added to, but don't waste the C4.

IF there are tips that I missed, by all mean put them in the comments. We all want to help each other in this. Peace out!