To run to the motel you will use 22 energy and to walk it will take you 15 minutes and 38 seconds. It 3 skulls and a red location.When you enter the location there will be a couple zombies and a car. Take the cylinder and drop it near the door.Then KILL a couple more zombies and loot the first room.Then take the cylinder near the junk and hit it a couple times. It will blow up and all the junk will be out of your way.Then you will kill a couple more zombies and then you will have to face a Weeper 240 HP .Then there will be a couple rooms one of them has a Floater Bloater 240 HP.There will be wooden boards in most of the rooms that you could break down with a hatchet.Behind the boards there will be rooms with loot.Clean the rooms.Good luck!
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