The following Blueprints are currently uncraftable in the game due to Material Availability as of Beta v.1.14:

Item Reason
Clan Banner Ash Plank
Glock 17 Gunpowder
Bear Trap Titanium Bar
Torture Device Titanium Bar
Pipe Titanium Bar
Hand Pump Titanium Bar, Ash Plank
VSS Vintorez Titanium Bar, Ash Plank
Horse Saddle Titanium Bar
Repair Station Titanium Bar, Ash Plank
Zombie Truck Titanium Bar, Ash Plank
Chemistry Station Titanium Bar, Ash Plank
Kevlar Helmet Titanium Bar
Kevlar Body Armor Titanium Bar
Kevlar Trousers Titanium Bar
Kevlar Boots Titanium Bar
Explosive Material Gunpowder, Sulfur
Shotgun Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank
Tactical Backpack Titanium Bar
Land Mine Tungsten Bar, Explosive Material
Mi-24 Helicopter Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank
M16 Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank
Assault Helmet Titanium Bar
Assault Body Armor Titanium Bar
Assault Trousers Titanium Bar
Assault Boots Titanium Bar
AK-47 Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank
Electronics Lab Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank
Safe Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank
Electronic Circuit Tungsten Bar
C-4 Explosive Tungsten Bar, Explosive Material
The Dragunov Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank
Mortar Tungsten Bar
ATV ATV Transmission (phase 2 of construction)

Nothing Past the point of Level 64 in the Blueprints is able to be crafted except the Saw Blade Mace, Military Backpack, and Turret.

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