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Model designed by Genesis for defeating targets at long ranges.
– In-game description


"Model designed by Genesis for defeating targets at long ranges."

Armor Piercing level 1

Based on Arctic Warfare Police (AWP), Ultimatum is the 1st bolt-action sniper rifle and the 2nd one including VSS Vintorez. Its high damage, very slow speed and long range makes this weapon perfect as a secondary weapon, making a first shot before enemies close in.

It ignores 70% of the target's armor.(Not sure)

Its one of the 5 weapons able to damage Genesis Laboratory zombies on hard mode.



On the Recycler, the Ultimatum cannot be recycled, but in the future it is assumed that it will be recycled into Spring, Factory Parts, and Carbon Composite in 1 hour at an appropriate level of Firearms recycling skill.



Ultimatum Lvl. 1