Allows assembling a turret for defending from unwelcome guests.
—Blueprint description


"Due to constructive features designed for auto shooting warm-blood targets only."

Turrets are bunker security hazards as well as base defense furniture.

In Bunker Alfa, there are two grades: Turret and Heavy Turret. In addition to their regular bullet barrage, Heavy Turrets can fire grenades if the target is in range long enough. Bunker Turrets (regular and Heavy) have 360-degree firing range. Also, Heavy Turrets have a slightly larger range, so you can't pick them off with a pistol without taking damage as you can with regular Turrets

At bases, there are three levels of Turret, with progressively more powerful damage and armor corresponding to increasingly expensive crafting recipes. The field of fire is restricted to a cone of approximately 160 degrees.

Turret levels

You get 400 xp points when you destroy it (Turret or Heavy turret).


Craftable since Beta v.1.7.9, a maximum of four Turrets may be placed at your home base for house defense. They are gasoline powered and shoot only at warm-blood target. Therefore they cannot kill any zombies and can't be used to defend against The Horde. Crafting is rather costly, level 1 requires also a Minigun.
Blueprints 118 Turret


  • Level: 88
  • Craft Points: 2 Craft Point Icon


  • Placement: Stone Floor (lvl.3)
  • Max: 4
  • Grid Size: 1x1
  • Orientation: 4 positions

Level 1

The level 1 Turret is constructed in two phases.

Phase 1 (The Crafting)

Screenshot 20180307-114432

Phase 2 (The First Finalization)

Important: The turret needs Gas to be active.

1 Gasoline equals 1 hour and 12 minutes of active defense.

A stack of 20 Gasoline is required to fill the turret to the max fuel capacity of 24 hours (1 day).

Level 1 turret default damage is 20.

Keep in note that these pictures are outdated due to Weapon Parts being removed from the game. The parts have been replaced by Spring.

Turret Level 2

Level 2

The level 1 Turret can be upgraded to level 2 with the following:

Level 2 adds +10 damage and +300 defense to the Turret for a total of 30 damage.

Turret Level 3

Level 3

The level 2 Turret can be upgraded to level 3 with the following:

Level 3 adds +5 damage and +200 defense to the Turret for a total of 35 damage.

Turret Overview

Turret Overview Crafting Building turret

Turret Overview Crafting Building turret

Credits: Gamer Ahsan

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