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The Toxic Spitter is a special zombie type found in the game (usually in yellow and red level zones). It has two attacks, a special attack - a toxic spray that comes out in a cone and damages everything within that cone - and then a normal attack.

With update Beta v.1.4.6, the Toxic Spitters' spit contributes to a player's stink level. If the player is hit with the toxic spit a few times, the player will have a yellow warning for uncleanliness. If the player keeps getting hit, the player will get a red warning for uncleaniess. With this red uncleaniness, it becomes impossible to sneak upon enemies and animals. The player has to take a Shower to get clean again.

Toxic spits are avoidable by moving out (usually to the side) of the red cone zone before the spitter spits.

A stronger version of the Spitter with 100 health is found in the sublevels of Bunker Alfa. However, this version of the spitter does not spit acid.

The attack damage is 10 at Bunker Alfa in Normal Mode and 15 in Hard Mode.

It also has 15 Armor in Hard Mode (it was only 9 armor before).

Grants 150 XP upon death.


  • HP: 80
  • Movement: Fast (Can outrun the player if they are not wearing good enough quality shoes)
  • Attack speed: Normal
  • Special Attack: Spits Acid affects a cone area in front of the Zombie

Screenshot 20170531-152721.png


  • It behaves similarly to the Fast Biter
  • There is some random factor whether the Toxic Spitter's spit increases your level of bad smell or not
  • There is a Skill that makes you less vulnerable to getting dirty after being hit by a spit
  • Toxic Spitters have an extremely large detection radius, often spotting players before appearing onscreen.
  • Sounds of toxic throwing