The Toxic Darter is a zombie that can be found in Bunker Bravo.

It's appearance looks like it's wearing pants but nothing on the torso with growths surrounding it's neck. It's mouth seems to be full of an acid-like substance.

It never melee attacks but instead spits a projectile of acid at you. You can dodge it by hiding behind something (e.g. a wall). The acid ignores armor and deals 40 damage. With maximum health. 40 damage is a third of your health. This zombie is quite dangerous if not handled correctly. It will continue spitting acid at you until it is no longer pursuing you. If teamed up with a Toxic Spewer. It could be fatal if not paying attention to the amount of damage you are taking. However, it is quite easy to gun down with a fast weapon.

Killing him you gain +100xp



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