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Made of metal alloy using Melting Furnace.
– In-game description


"Made of metal alloy using Melting Furnace"


It takes an hour and 30 minutes to make one Titanium Bar on Refined Melting Furnace at Home:


In-Game Shop's Brick Room 3X3

Can also be obtained from the Recycler out of:


Titanium Bars are used in the following:

Floor: Upgrading level 4 floors to level 5


Tips & Trivia

  • In Beta v.1.8 changed name from Titan Bar to Titanium Bar
  • Made obtainable as of Beta 1.17.6
  • Glock 17 and M16 are easily obtained thru other means than the cost of Titanium Bars.
  • Kevlar Armor Set is also expensive therefore not recommended to be crafted.
  • Only good ways to spend it for now is for upgrading level 4 floors to level 5 and crafting Manual earth drill.
  • Can now be used to upgrade level 4 floors to level 5 since Beta v.1.18.4
  • Can now be obtained by recycling the ATV Transmission since Beta v.1.18.4