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The Horde is an invasion event that occurs every 24 hours and spawn from the Infected Forest on the global map. A large group of "Crowd Zombies" spawns on your property and walks from the top of the screen to the bottom. While they will chase the player if he gets too close they will always snap back to their original direction.

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Crowd Zombies themselves appear to be weaker than Roaming Zombies. If you are online when they arrive you can fight them off a bit and try to redirect them.

Crowd Zombies currently give 1xp when killed.

Spike Traps and the like can be used to kill/slow down/redirect the zombies, but currently the spawning situation makes that tricky. They can also currently spawn in your house if it's big enough.

Currently zombies only destroy walls, not floors, stations, or crates. They yield only a single XP so its best to avoid fighting them.


  • The Horde cannot destroy Level 3 walls. So in order to make your house impenetrable it must have Level 3 walls all the way round it.