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The Crater is the new starting point of the multiplayer in the game, since Beta v.1.16.3, the Camp. Sector 7 was removed. To access the Crater, you need to go to Abandoned convoy, only available to players level 150 or above, but was reduced to level 15 since Season 9, but was raised to level 60 afterwards and changed back to level 30.

UD crater.png


Accessible since Beta v.1.17.1, is used to travel to other Clans locations, its great opportunity to buy items you need to upgrade your business level.


Available since Beta v.1.17.3, you can use a chopper in multiplayer to travel the locations, you can change the Pattern if already unlocked in single player, spend 10 Counterfoil.



The first 9 blueprints are unlocked, the others 30 are locked, from 10 up to 39, you need increase your Business level to get these blueprints.

Multiplayer blueprints (39)
Blueprint Materials Type
Scarf Armor
Shirt Armor
Pants Armor
Footwraps Armor
Hatchet Weapons/Tools
Pickaxe Weapons/Tools
Spear Weapons
Basic Backpack
Bandages Health
Mask Armor
Vest Armor
Greaves Armor
Boots Armor
Makeshift Bat Weapons
Crowbar Weapons
Iron Hatchet Weapons/Tools
Iron Pickaxe Weapons/Tools
Khopesh Weapons
Battle club Weapons
Skull Crusher Weapons
Saw Blade Mace Weapons
Makeshift crossbow Weapons
Sterile bandage Health
Macuahuitl Weapons
Battle axe Weapons
Halberd Weapons
Scout's Respirator Armor
Scout's Jacket Armor
Scout's Pants Armor
Scout's Boots Armor
AntiRad Health
Meat soup Health
Hunting crossbow Weapons
Handmade Shotgun Weapons
Handmade Rifle Weapons
Combat Mask Armor
Combat Body Armor Armor
Combat Pants Armor
Combat Boots Armor