The Blind One is a boss-type zombie added in version Beta v.1.6.9 and can only be found on Bunker Alfa's 3rd floor while Hard Mode is activated.

Gives 1000 xp when you kill him.

Special Skills


The Blind One will show a red arrow pointing in the direction he will charge. He then runs quickly and smashes into the wall in his path, leaving him temporarily stunned. Getting caught in the charge path is fatal.

Health Regeneration

The Blind One will feast on dead bodies in his room, and he will regenerate to full health if uninterrupted; he then roars.

Weak Points

While feasting on dead bodies, The Blind One can be distracted by activating the alarms in his room.

After charging into a wall, The Blind One will be temporarily stunned and will receive more damage.

Tip: Turn on the nearest alarm when he's just begun feasting on dead bodies to interrupt his regeneration. He feasts on the left at 700 hit points and on the right at 400 hit points. Note: you can only use each alarm once. You must use the other alarm to distract him the second time he feasts.

Tip: The Blind One is obviously blind, so he can be snuck up on and hit multiple times.


* Defense:

  • Damage done with Normal Stance is only 10%
  • Damage done with Stunned Stance is 35.7% (or damage times 5 divided by 14) so it's x3.5 more effective to damage him


Video Guide


HOW TO KILL THE BLIND ONE ! - Last Day On Earth- Survival

Credits: Doomeris


Kill The Blind One in 2.5 Minutes

Credits: fallencaryatidcv

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