Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki

Keeps zombies and other survivors away from your house.
– Blueprint description


"Damaging trap. Can be placed in Build Mode"

The Spike Traps are used as Shields when a Horde attacks your base while you are offline, But as the game sometimes says, They aren't very effective against raiding survivors. Also watch out of killing yourself by hitting your own Spike Traps as they can damage you as well!

  • Damage - 10 HP per hit and 10 HP per second after as long as you're in contact with them.

Crafting Requirements



  • Level: 18 Unlearned recipes.png
  • Craft Points: 1 Craft Point Icon.png



  • Placement: Ground (Only)
  • Max: 80
  • Grid Size: 1x1 Icon Builder Floor.png
  • Orientation: 4 positions


On the Recycler, a Spike Trap can be recycled into Common Log, Rope, and Scrap Metal in 10 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Other recycling skill.

Trivia/tips and tricks

  • FREE FOOD/WATER/BANDAGE: To save resources of food, water, and healing items, kill yourself in the spike trap.
    • 1st: Remove all your armors so they won't lose any durability, put it in a chest or your inventory.
    • 2nd: Just run back and forth towards the spike trap's face (the one where you can get damage) until you die.
    • 3rd: You will respawn in your own base, or doormat if you have one, and you will refresh all your hunger, thirst, and health.
    • 4th: Don't worry Spike Trap doesn't consume durability with this method, plus you can retrieve any items from your corpse, unless you die again.
    • Caution: Don't die again when you haven't retrieved your items. This method takes time to do (around 1-2 minutes) so avoid doing this when there is an event going on in the Global Map.
  • Can be used to kill Zombies/Wolfs in the Base edit mode, by placing near by and spinning it until they are dead. you don't get XP for the kill but you can get loot if they drop any.
  • Can damage you through walls if placed sideways or with the spikes facing the wall.
  • fun fact: if your on a raid and have reached the 100 mark on the sound meter and the players base your raiding has spike traps, make the big one follow you through the path that the spike trap is located in over and over again, he will lose 5-10 hp per hit from the spike trap hes running through.
  • note #2: if your lucky enough to be in a base with spike traps when the big one is following you, keep in mind you will need A LOT of medkit, considering in order to get the big one to go through them, you also have to grind against the spike tracks otherwise the big one will not run into them. (3 full durability sets of swat armor and at least 8 pairs of x20 medkits is advised if your gonna attempt this feat, extra pocket will also come in handy for an extra slot of healing items.)