Initially, the Specialist is locked behind a fence in a room next to the terminal on the 2nd Floor of Bunker Alfa. Once free, he will unlock the Overseer's Office located on the 1st floor of Bunker Alfa. You only need to rescue him once, thereafter he will be found in the Overseer’s Office.

"Open the door, please!" - Specialist

"Thanks! Lucky you're here!" - Specialist

"I think we can work together" - Specialist

"Let's meet in the Overseer's room" - Specialist

"I can modify your weapon, that's my job... was" - Specialist

"I can give you a floppy with coordinates" - Specialist

"Activate bunker security protocol" - Specialist


Hard Mode

He gives you the ability to activate Bunker Alfa's Hard Mode by using the big console in the Overseer's Office. When Hard Mode is activated, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of Bunker Alfa will be reset and will now house a tougher version of zombies that hit harder and take less damage. Three new zombies are also introduced: Exploder, Parasite, and The Blind One.

Reputation and Rewards

In Hard Mode, zombies will drop Identification tags, Chevron, and Military Notebooks (generally in the same way they would drop green, yellow, and red coupons, respectively), which the Specialist will accept in exchange for Reputation.

Specialist reputation items

Each level of Reputation requires 140 points; Identification tags are 1 point, Chevron are 2 points, and Military Notebooks are 3 points.

The Specialist will give you a reward each time you level up your Reputation.

The Floppy with coordinates is the common reward received at every finished level that doesn't reward the player with a new weapon. It can be input in the computer in the Overseer's Office to unlock 12-hour access to a location on the world map with special loot trunks.


Weapons Modification (OLD)

Finally, beside the Specialist is the table where he will do weapons mods for you after you unlock the applicable reputation levels and supply the necessary materials. The resulting mod(s) will vary from a single modification (silencer, laser sight, etc.) to some combination thereof.

This was removed in update Beta v.1.9

Recipes (OLD)

Glock 17



Blueprint Exchange

"I can exchange your extra blueprints for one from my stock." - Specialist

  • 10% Common modification blueprint.
  • 50% Rare modification blueprint
  • 100% Extremely rare modification blueprint

Reach 100% will receive 1 Weapon mod blueprint