Pole weapon used for hunting and self-defense.
—Blueprint description


"A stabbing weapon known from ancient times and still effective nowadays."

The Spear is a basic weapon that can be crafted early in the game.


The spear is the cheapest weapon to make in the game. It does low damage and has an average attack speed. The usefulness of the spear is that it is cheap to make and great for killing Roaming Zombies. If a player was to sneak up on a Roaming Zombie, the player can do 31 damage for a sneak attack and finish off the zombie without taking any damage.

The spear is useful in green zones, however it is not a good weapon for fighting Fast Biters.

The spear can be used quite effectively for raiding Airdrops. By taking 1-2 spears and a full set of low-tier armor, you can eliminate enemies quite easily, as the Toxic Spitters run at you immediately, and you can take them out with minimal damage, This is a cheap strategy for airdrops, because it only costs about a stack of plant fibers and some cheap materials, 1-2 spears can take out Toxic Spitters and Fast Biters quite easily if done correctly and with healing items such as Carrot Stew.

Crafting Requirements


  • Level: 1
  • Craft Points: 1 Craft Point Icon



On the Recycler, a Spear can be recycled into a Pine Log in 10 minutes and 1 second at an appropriate level of Melee Weapons recycling skill.