Snow Field was an event location on the Global Map during Christmas 2018.

Snow Field is a time limited 24 hour event.

Snow Field event

Shooting and screaming were heard all night long from the field side. What could've happend over there in such a snowstorm?

Snow Field map

Note: Location available from level 25


7 p.m. Frankie brought Santa and elves costumes and put them into the tent to the loot. He says we are going to celebrate. Tomorrow we are setting of home.

7 a.m. We got a problem! Someone trashed the tent and scattered everything that was inside over the camp! Some stuff and rare loot still can't be found. It might be a bear. But what was it doing here?


  • Claus 1000 HP
  • 3 Dynamiter 120 HP 0 Armor, wears red hat
  • 2 Henchman 120 HP 0 Armor, wears green hat
    • more of these zombies will appear after will start attack Claus


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