Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki


A very important mechanic in the game is the sneak function, located in the bottom right hand corner of screen. Sneaking enables the player to crouch down and walk around enemies without alerting them.


Note: The player cannot open a chest and remain in sneak mode, as soon as the chest is opened, enemies are alerted. Sneaking doesn't work if the player has the red Cleanliness warning. Sneaking only works if the player walks behind the range of view of an enemy, if the player tries to sneak from the front, the enemy will notice you and attack normally.

Functions of sneaking include:

  • Sneaking up on an enemy from behind and attacking them, causing 3x the damage of a normal attack.
  • Walking through and around large groups of enemies without being detected.
  • To attack Deer without using a firearm (A deer will not notice if approached at any side, even in plain eyesight of the deer.)