Every once in a while I’ll save over 1,000 Caps and take a drive to the slot machine in Last Day on Earth. I’ve gotten most of my caps through season pass rewards, and I’ve also saved up a few hundred from Bunker Alfa crates. It take a while to collect a decent pile of caps, so let’s see what your patience can net you!

Before this visit I’d hoarded around 1,800 caps, lowered my expectations, and offered a sacrifice to the stingy rng gods. I started auto rolling with 10 caps at a time, then 20, and ended up settling on 30 for most of my spins. In total I ended up with eight surprisingly rewarding jackpots and a bit of a better understanding of the slot machine loot tables.


The Slot Machine is only accessible from the Gas Station location.

You need to have Caps to get some points or Jackpots to get rewards, You can put 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 Caps per spin.

You can spin it manually or auto spin to play the machine.


Can be used to get:

You can claim your rewards in the "Lucky Chest"

The slot machine seems to cycle between three different loot tables. Two of the three tables feature ATV Transmissions. a top priority if you’re slowly building your ATV! I went in to this round of spins hoping for Hi-Tech Components to finish off some weapon mods. I managed to get lucky and got one of the components.

I’ve gotten a couple ATV Transmissions through the slot machine in past rolls, but wasn’t quite so lucky this go round. Let the grinding continue! Have you had any luck with the jackpots?

User of Forum (Nov 19, 2019)

FYI, in case anyone had any illusions about the slot machine being fair and thought that they had an equal chance of getting any jackpot award, you don't, because it's RIGGED. Your reward is determined before you even start flipping caps. I know this because I accidentally discovered that if you close the game before claiming your reward from the bottle cap minigame, you can replay the game. I was like, "oh hey, useful bug, maybe?" But no, because matter what order you flip the caps in or how many times you reset it, you always get the same prize. AKA, it is 100% rigged, and you never had any chance of getting that ATV Transmission, because the game had already decided you were getting an Aluminium Plate! You won't get the transmission unless RNG happens to fall on what is undoubtedly an infinitesimally low percent chance that it is selected as your prize ahead of time. A huge shock, isn't it? I bet you're all totally stunned. "What? Surely Kefir! wouldn't rig the game, would they? It's so unlike them!"


You can get some Caps when you spin the slot machine.


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