(Not to be confused with the Slasher from the Bunker Alfa)


The Slasher's appearance is a zombie of similar size of a Floater Bloater wearing a blue vest.

The Slasher can be found on any of the Bunker Bravo floors except floor 2 and guaranteed during the Doctor Dread boss, in which it spawns from a mini-room when Doctor Dread is at a certain health.

Killing him you gain +250xp

Special Skills

The Slasher is the only zombie currently to inflict bleeding damage upon the player every time they are hit by the slasher. Bleeding deals 20 damage about every 2 seconds. When paired with radiation poisoning, this worries most players into using up their medical supplies too often. Keep your distance when fighting this zombie, unless if you are fighting Doctor Dread. In this case however, at the time this zombie spawns while fighting Doctor Dread. Doctor Dread is already on quite low health so you can kill the boss before the slasher reaches you.



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