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Buying the Premium access, you gain access the Premium rewards and release the Premium tasks, you can chose between Premium and Premium + 10 levels:

  • Premium: you gain access to Premium rewards and tasks.
    • You will spend about 4.99 USD
  • Premium + 10 levels: you gain access to Premium rewards and tasks, more 10 levels rewards unlocked, until level 11.
    • You will spend about 9.99 USD
Season 1 Premium access

You can complete tasks to unlock the next levels or spend 50 Coins for unlock 1 level or 150 Coins for unlock 5 levels, if you already bought one of the Premium options.

Season 1 Premium buy level


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level 1

level 2

level 3

level 4

level 5

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level 8

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level 10

level 11

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level 22

  • Energy Drink (FREE)
  • Glock 17 (PREMIUM)
    • Extended Magazine
    • Red Dot Sight
    • Silencer
    • Green Laser
      • Damage: 21
      • Speed: 3.7

level 23

level 24

  • 5 Dry Food (FREE)
  • AK-47 (PREMIUM)
    • Large Magazine
    • Sight x4
    • Handmade Silencer
    • Red Laser
      • Damage: 16
      • Speed: 7.9

level 25

level 26

level 27

  • Energy Drink (FREE)
  • 40 Oak Plank (PREMIUM)
  • M16 (PREMIUM)
    • Drum Magazine
    • Sight x2
    • Silencer
    • Green Laser
      • Damage: 15
      • Speed: 8.3

level 28

level 29

level 30


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Week 1

  • Kill 250 Sailors in Pine Bushes or Limestone Ridge 0/250 20^
  • Kill 50 Captains in Pine Grove or Limestone Cliffs 0/50 20^
  • Kill Rotfeast 3 times at the police station 0/3 10^
  • Break 20 walls at an enemy's base 0/20 20^
  • Stand 20 zombie waves at the police station yard 0/1 10^
  • Check 10 basements (appear by chance) 0/10 10^
  • Collect 10 aid boxes 0/10 10^


  • Deal 10000 damage by close-in weapons 0/10000 20^
  • Kill 100 zombies at the police station 0/100 20^
  • Make 5 deals with the dealer 0/5 20^

Week 2

  • Kill Butcher 3 times at the farm 0/3 10^
  • Participate in the "Clearing out" event. Help soldiers fight off Charlie Jr. 2 times 0/2 15^
  • Kill 130 Petty Officers in Pine Grove ou Limestone Cliffs 0/130 20^
  • Kill 50 Midshipmen in Pine Grove ou Limestone Cliffs 0/50 20^
  • Deal 10000 damage by firearms 0/10000 20^
  • Kill 200 zombies in Pine Grove 0/200 15^
  • Kill Timmy the Bloat 10 times in Limestone Cliffs (appear by chance) 0/10 10^
  • Deal 10000 damage to marine zombies with weapon 0/10000 15^

Week 3

  • Take part in the final battle with Charlie Sr. 0/1 15^
  • Deal 20000 damage of any kind with weapon 0/20000 20^
  • Kill Zombie-officer and Fifty-two-Mike (appears by chance)10 times in Limestone Spires 0/10 20^
  • Kill 5 Captains in Oak Bushes 0/5 20^
  • Kill 50 Captains in Pine Wood or Limestone Spires 0/50 20^
  • Kill 75 Petty Officers in Pine Wood or Limestone Spires 0/75 20^
  • Kill 100 Midshipmen in Pine Wood or Limestone Spires 0/100 20^
  • Kill 20 Frenzied Giants on the 3rd floor in Bunker Alfa 0/20 20^
  • Kill Chilly Willy 2 times on the 4th floor in Bunker Alfa 0/2 20^


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Learn the story of a crashed ship by collecting and reading notes from dead zombies.

Find all pages to unlock a new event

Day 72. I had to get rid of the walkie talkie - it's become too dangerous to
use it. Switching back to handwritten notes due to active movements of the
group across the region.

There are still 11 of us, including myself. One is wounded, and by tomorrow,
there are likely to be 10 left. I heard Naomi asking not to waste bandages on
that guy. He passed away at night.



233. BR. I suspect that's not just a simple tanker. Those "from above" are
definitely up to something. Mission statements are too vague.

It's not clear yet what the headquarter wants. Maybe the tanker has oil or
weapons. After all, the tanker itself. Naomi wants to get it. Why can't
anyone else want it, too?

Day 75. When the tanker was a few miles off the coast, we saw someone
standing on the top deck. They were looking at us from afar. It turned out
that Naomi knew the people onboard.

Their leader's name is Troy Weiss, he calls their tanker the Ark, and the
people on it - the Awaiters.


901. D. I stole the walkie talkie from Naomi.

Checked in with the jerks from the headquarter. They were mumbling and
had nothing to say except for "Keep yourself undercover" - what kind of
statement is that, idiots?

Damn it. Reached out for the people on the tanker to warn them about the
assult. I don't know if it was Weiss who was answering me, but he ended
our talk with "I know about everything".

Day 76. Last night I stole Naomi's walkie talkie and everything went great. I checked in with the headquarter to update the statement. Keep staying undercover, as usually.

I'm not a specialist, but the tanker seems to be speeding up and approaching too fast. Even Phelps, who never pays attention to the ship, noticed that.


NOTE #10

NOTE #11

NOTE #12

NOTE #13
We laid Naomi down in Phelps' tent. Everyone who wants to get away from the ship. Some are already packing their stuff which is not theirs. My body feels oddly weak. Requesting evacuation. Waiting

NOTE #14

NOTE #15
Day 78. Conspiracy is pointless. Everyone in the camp is dead. An odd
chemical smell is felt eveyrwhere. I'm sick.

I'm sitting in the tent, with the bodies of Phelps and Naomi inside. There are
voices heard nearby. I've got only my Glock by my side.

NOTE #16
I woke up. Can't figure it out if it's day or night. I can hardly move. I lift my
hands up and my breathing gets laboured. Can't write too much.

Feels like time has stopped. There is a voice from afar. Or is that a
helicopter? Damn, where are you, jerks? Why's nobody answering.

NOTE #17
A tall man came into the tent. That was Weiss, I knew that straightaway.
There was his little dog with him. Weiss said that we all had been waiting
for the one they brought on the Ark. He said that, and I wrote dowm, "We've
been waiting for you".

He stuck a syringe into a capsule and asked if I wanted to be waiting
together with them. I don't remember what I answered.

NOTE #18

NOTE #19

NOTE #20


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