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Road house is an event location on the Global Map during the Season 13.

Available since Week 2 of the Season 13

Reset after 12 hours of the entry.

A very beautiful place but suspiciously quiet.

Road house map.png

Road house screen.png


  • Letter #1 week 2 Beside of the bonfire
  • Letter #6 week 2 Finish Christmas tree decoration task

Christmas tree task

"You are not a zombie? Then help us please!" - survivors inside house

"Looks like the dead are never gonna leave
us alone, but i've got an idea!" - survivors inside house

"Collect their body parts and hang them on
the Christmas tree! We'll make it worth your
while" - survivors inside house

"Hang their parts on the Christmas tree! And
we'll give you one of the letters you've been
looking for" - survivors inside house

Decorate the Christmas tree with "Decorations" to receive Letter #6 week 2:

Road house task.png

"T-t-thanks pal! Don't forget the letter! It's in
the house somewhere." - survivors inside house

"So much for a holiday" - drunken survivor



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