The Riot Zombie is one of the seven new zombies that can be met in Blackport PD since Beta v.1.9.6 and Bunker Bravo since Beta v.1.15. It's a slow, but heavily armored zombie that is hard to kill.

Grants 100 XP upon death.

Special Abilites

Shield up

The Riot Zombie has the ability to raise his shield up and hold it in front of him. While doing that, he is invulnable to any melee weapons or firearms, including Milkor MGL. In that case, you have to wait attacking him until he lowers the shield again.

Shield strike

In close combat he has the ability to use his shield and hit the player. This will do damage and knock the player back, stunning him for about one to two seconds.

Weak points

The Riot zombie's only weak point is its slow movement speed which makes it easy to outrun and avoid him if necessary. Besides that firearms are recommended for fighting him to avoid triggering his 'Shield up' ability and not get stunned by his 'Shield Strike'.

Anyways there is an easier and cheaper way to defeat it, in the room where only one Riot Zombie spawns is located a table which can be used to do a wall trick with medium range weapons (Like the Baseball Bat), after this the second Riot Zombie can be lured to this room.



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