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The Ravager is the newest boss infected introduced. He is exclusively inhabiting in the Crooked Creek Farm location and is the easiest boss to kill in the game. He's seen roaming around the farm's pathways searching for survivors. His shambling movements gives an edge to escape him but possesses a variety of abilities aiding it to attack unwanted guests.

Gives 500 xp when you kill him.


Though he is slow, catching and attacking his prey comes in different ways:

  • Gore Spit - His spit attack reduces armor durability and slows down survivors. The spit's radius is slightly larger than a Toxic Spitter but is avoidable with the same strategy used and with a certain melee range. While covered in its spit and slowed down, it will attack in a conventional manner of scratching and grabbing.
  • Enhanced Speed - At first, it tries to manipulate survivors with its shambling speed. But when spitted upon, it becomes aggressive and starts to chase its prey with enhanced speed. This usually occurs after spiting but at some occasions, it shifts speed when spotting a survivor.



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Defeating Ravager With Spear & No Armors (1.9.3)! Last Day On Earth Survival

Credits: mTurboGamer