"Want a deal? I'll mark another survivor's base on the map. You can take anything you find there, but I'm gonna get my share for the lead. If you agree, first there's somethin' you do for us." - Raider


The Raider is one of three Raiders that visit your home to make you a special offer...

They used to come every 3 days in Beta v.1.7 and Beta v.1.7.1.

But since Beta v.1.7.2, you now have to contact them with the CB Radio. If you tune it right, a message from a raider will pop up occasionally.

If you accept the offer, raiders will appear at your base.

You need to do 5 tasks for them in order to do a raid.

After you raid the base, they will come back to get their share.

Grants 100 XP upon death.


Everytime you finish the task and give them their share, your reputation will increase.


Other information

For more information see Raiding System.


It's possible to meet raiders as enemies in some event locations such as Crooked Creek Farm or Oak Clearing. They are commonly armed with melee weapons such as a Baseball Bat, Machete or Shovel. Sometimes they also care firearms like a Zip Gun (common), Glock 17 (rare) or Assault Rifles (very rare). They wear armor of tier 1 and 2, often reinforced.

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