Pumpkinhead has the same appearance as Fast Biter with a pumpkin in the head, wearing a T-shirt written "HALLOWEEN".


Halloween 2017

Pumpkinhead was the zombie pet of Frankie Stein in Beta v.1.6.5

  • You will summon a Pumpkinhead after you use a Zombie Collar.
  • The Pumpkinhead is a friendly zombie if it is summoned from the Zombie Collar. It helps you fight enemies, and enemies don't attack them.
  • The freindly version Pumpkinhead can make 40 hits before it dies.
  • Enemies can damage them by using their special attacks. (e.g. Sitting Tremor)
  • Note: Once you summon them, don't leave the area because they will disappear after you exit the area.


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