Pumpkin field was an event location on the Global Map during Halloween 2018.

Pumpkin field is a time limited 8 hour event that spawns once a day.

Pumpkin field event

There's a flock of ravens flying over a field nearby. Can it be true that here's someone alive there?

Pumpkin field map

"The holiday event "Pupmkin Field" appears on the map every day and is available for completing for 8 hours."

"They will return. Come tomorrow." - Mr. Woods

"That's all for today. Waiting for you tomorrow." - Mrs. Woods

"I guess that's all for today." - Mr. Woods

"The dead will come back tomorrow." - Mrs. Woods

Mr. Woods and Mrs. Woods appearance is an homage to the painting American Gothic

Mrs. Woods

"Light a jack-o'-lantern on the Pumpkin field to attract zombies' attention. You can get valuable samples from killed enemies and then exchange them at Mrs. Woods."

  1. Jack-o'-lantern
  2. Jack-o'-lantern
  3. Jack-o'-lantern
  4. Jack-o'-lantern
  5. Jack-o'-lantern
  6. Jack-o'-lantern


Pumpkinhead drops 1 Zombie Tooth, 1 Zombie Eye‎‎

Floater Bloater drops 2 Zombie Tooth, 2 Zombie Eye‎‎

Fred, Hell Turkey and High Witch drops 1 Zombie Brains, 1 Zombie Tooth, 1 Zombie Eye‎‎

Killing all the initial zombies and all spawns including the boss, can get you a total of 40 Zombie Tooth, 40 Zombie Eye‎‎, 1 Zombie Brains.


  • 1 Storage 5 slots/mailbox
  • 4 Storage 20 slots/bags
  • 6 Jack-o'-lantern to light



  • Introduced in Beta v.1.10
  • The Jack-o'-lantern can be lit in any order. The first one you light will spawn the first wave and so on.
  • The Floater Bloater in this zone do not use their special attack.
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