Prison is an event location on the Global Map during the Season 7.

The first time you enter the Prison, you are a received for a group of Raiders and end up trapped in a cell, with the help of a biker, you manage to escape, and discover that a group of bikers are planning to enter the Prison stockroom and steal some boxes. To choose an option of the robbery you must go to Bikers' base.

Groups of raiders are heading northeast more and more. We gotta find out their destination

Prison map.png

"This place has always had a bad reputation. The prison was built to gather the most downright villains from all around the country, lock them down, and throw away the key. Cruel crimes committed by those kept there were all over the news in different years and inspired fear in the whole nation. If you came here, it was a one-way ticket. They say, when everything fell apart, some prisoners tried to escape through an old tunnel under the prison. It is unknown, whether they succeeded or not, but one thing is clear: it’s better to meet a zombie, than any of those guys." (from

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Enemies can change

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