In order to gain access to this Sewer, you have to bring an Electric Generator.

Port Sewer resets 48 hours after it is entered.


Repairing this will remove the Goo.

Repairing the Waterpumps will remove all the poison Goo that causes damage to the player

The Goo deals 20 damage per 1.5 seconds.



  • In the long run, repairing the waterpumps will save the player the usage of healing items and give faster movement ability in the corridor. Other then that there is no reason to repair the waterpumps at this point.
  • Equipping CBRN Combat Pants and CBRN Combat Boots or Hazmat Pants and Hazmat Shoes will prevent the player from taking damage, but it will decrease the durability of the suit.

WATERPUMPS FIXED! Last Day on Earth: SurvivalAll Fun


Some of the zombies here act different from their normal counterparts.

  • Berserker only deals 50 Damage (normal is 200) and has a special attack similar to Swamp Bloater's and deals 30 Damage.
  • Frenzied Giant only deals 30 Damage (normal is 200) but with 2 special attacks
    • 1 special attack will trigger at the start where it will shout and (not sure if it will stun you and how much damage it deals) and will open nearby closed door.
    • the next special attack is similar to normal Floater Bloater's and deals 30 Damage.
  • Some Floater Bloaters deal the same damage but with special attack changed to the Swamp Bloater's and deals 30 Damage.
  • Toxic Spewer will only heal for a certain amount and will not heal from its toxic spit after that.

List of Enemies on the Sewer ground floor


There are multiple basements in the sewer system of the port, with different zombies in each basement. It may be important to know that having an Electric Generator inside your base may interfere with your exploration of the sewer system, since one of the basements requires you to pick up and relocate an Electric Generator. Therefore, if you have 5 Electric Generator in your base, you cannot pick up a another generator.

List of Enemies on the Sewer basements

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