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Port is a new permanent location located on the north side of the Global Map. You do not need to unlock a Watchtower in order to see it.

Note: Location available from level 15

First location where introduced birds, Gulls, you can find also in Island Watchtower, Dead Island

Delivery & reputation system

Delivery of goods, first introduced in Season 12, returns to stay. Along with it comes a new Genesis reputation system. From now on, you will receive rewards for each level of the delivery reputation achieved.

In order to initiate a delivery contract you first need to prepare the packages to be delivered. Craft delivery boxes in the Box assembler and collect various goods required for individual packages. You can find the requirements in the Packing table recipe list. You can also purchase special white containers for Coins which will grant you more points for individual deliveries. Once you have the packages ready you can initiate an available contract from the computer terminal in the middle of the main building. Each delivery will increase the reputation you have with the Genesis guys and you will receive various rewards for each reputation level - such as Crane key, Motorboat parts, additional delivery box slots, etc.

Basically, Port is now the best place to obtain Factory Parts, Carbon Composite, Gun Oil (from the Sunken box) and other rare items quite cheap (even though it can take some considerable time to level the Genesis reputation) so you should start preparing deliveries ASAP.

Box assembler


Port Box assembler recipes.png

During the Season 13:

Box assembler recipes Season 13.png

Packing table


Port Packing table recipes.png

During the Season 13:

Packing table recipes Season 13.png


You need a Crane key (obtained as a reward for successful deliveries) to operate, lift the Sunken box from the bottom of the sea.


After finalizing your Motorboat from your Home, it will be transported here. You can obtain Motorboat parts either from the underground part - Sewers or as delivery reputation rewards (Crane key unlocking Sunken box).

It's automated.


Port Sewer

In order to gain access to this area, you have to bring an Electric Generator.


In the sewer, you will need to repair the Waterpumps to get rid of the Goo.

Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer recipes.png

Fiberglass workbench

Fiberglass workbench recipes.png


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