Can be cut into Planks or used as Fuel
– In-game description


"Can be cut into Planks or used as Fuel"

The Pine Log is an item in Last Day on Earth.

Pine Log can be found on every exterior zone. Pine Logs are harvested from Pine Trees in the wild. Single logs can also be found lying on the ground, usually by groups of trees.

Pine Log can also be used as Fuel for the Melting Furnace or the Campfire.

You get 10 xp points when you collect it.


Pine Log is required to craft the following Blueprints:


The Pine Log is used in the following Workstations:

Location Input Item 1 Input Item 2 Input Item 3 Input Item 4 Input Item 5 Input Item 6 Crafted Output
Woodworkingbench.png Pinelog.png + + + + + = Pine Plank.png
Woodworking Bench Pine Log [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] Pine Plank
Quantity 1 {{{qty2}}} {{{qty3}}} {{{qty4}}} {{{qty5}}} {{{qty6}}} 1
Level 2
Craft Points
2Craft Point Icon.png
4 minutes


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