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The Pier is an event location on the Global Map.

This event has a time limit of 12 hour.

This event always appears after 00:00 UTC on Saturdays.

It can be found below Home.

Pier and Fishing Spot are places to catch fish. To fish, the player may use Fishing Rod or Professional fishing rod. Once out of fish to catch, the player may opt to throw Burley in to the water to attract more fish. A storage with 20 slots/Bucket will spawn after catching a fish with full inventory. For the Fishing Spot to appear and be unlocked on the Global Map, one must acquire the Fisherman Skill.

On this day of the week the fish always bite well. It's time to go fishing.

Pier map.png

Catchable Fish


Since Beta v.1.18.10, a dealer is available here, he will exchange the player's catch for valuable items.

The Fisherman may ask for 1 to 3 kinds of fish in exchange for 1 out of the three item options. In addition, the player may buy the selected item for Coins instead of trading.

"Good day to buy something rare"

"Wonderful choice.
Find me later if you feel like making a new deal. And have your payment ready."

Video Guide


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.15
  • Adjustmens in Beta v.1.18.10:
    • Time limit changed from 1 hour to 12 hours
    • Introduced a new NPC: Fisherman
    • Added new storage with 4 slots