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N 50.01061, E -110.1134 is a player-spawned, time limited event on the Global Map.

The spot you need can be easily found with exact coordinates.

N 50.01061, E -110.1134 Global Map.png

It can be spawned by putting a Floppy with coordinates at the Tactical Terminal in Bunker Alfa's Overseer's Office. The event is available for 12 hours. A single loot box with valuable loot, armor, and weapons can be found here.

The area may seldomly spawn an Infected Box in place of the usual loot box, and is the only place the player can find one. This must be carried home on a Chopper and cleansed with an Acid Bath.


First Floppy Crate

The contents of the first loot is the same for everybody, regardless of player level and equipped buffs. The first loot contains:

Floppy first crate.png

Normal Floppy Crate

The succeeding loots vary, in addition to the random possibility of spawning an Infected Box. (The chances of an Infected Box have been decreased, so the danger of getting one when you lack a complete and usable Chopper and/or Acid Bath is reduced)

* - Guaranteed
** - Possible


Enemies may vary:


Trivia and Tips

  • Introduced in Beta v.1.6.9
  • If a Puppy doesn't spawn on first entry, you can attempt to trigger it to spawn by exiting and reopening the game or exiting and reentering the zone. While not 100%, the odds are very high for finding a Puppy at the Coordinates.
  • Inputting the coordinates in Google Maps will show you a geomorphological feature located near Medicine Hat in the southeast corner of Alberta, Canada, called Badland Guardian.


Note: the loot in the crates may vary according to rng even if your reputation level is 15+)