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A water transport that combines great performance with storage space for personal items
– Blueprint description


"A water transport that combines great performance with storage space for personal items"

On November 12, 2020 was announced a riddle about that a new vehicle will introduced in the game.

Next transport.png

"I unite, I divide, I’m fast, I’m slow. If you let me go, I run away. What am I?"

One week later, on November 19, 2020 was revealed this new vehicle is a motorboat.

Boat concept.png

Explanation of the riddle: I unite, I divide – a boat links places separated by water and plows the waves; I’m fast, I’m slow – when the motor is on, it's going fast, when the motor is off, it drifts; If you let me go, I run away – if you don’t tie a boat up, it gets drifted out.


  • To unlock this Blueprint, you need to find it in the Port. This is the second blueprint you must find.
    • Note: Location available from level 15

Crafting Requirements

Motorboat blueprint.jpeg


  • Level: 52 Unlearned recipes.png
  • Craft Points: 1 Craft Point Icon.png



  • Placement: Stone Floor (lvl.3)
  • Max: 1
  • Grid Size: 4x2 Icon Builder Floor.png
  • Orientation: 1 position


Motorboat finalized resources.jpeg

After finalizing the boat, genesis people will take it to the Port. And for the first time your boat will have full fuel.

  • The boat has a capacity of 250 Fuel.
  • The boat has 4 storage slots to carry items.


The Motorboat is only accessible from the Port location.

It's automated.

Can be used to travel to other locations such as Island Watchtower, Sand Quarry and Dead Island.