Motel is a permanent location on the Global Map.

Motel resets 36 hours after it is entered, similar to Blackport PD, Bunker Alfa, Crooked Creek Farm, Gas Station.

"Hotel, motel, whatcha gonna do today? We welcome all stray survivors, come in! Update 1.9.9. is here – new location, some nice loot, new game mechanics. Tip☝️: stock up on hatchets and keep in mind that if a zombie smells flesh, even walls won't stop him." (from

"The wait is almost over." (from

Badger Hills Motel, the illuminated sign has the image of a European badger.

The developers said that this area is meant for beginners and will have mediocre loot.

But it does have necessary loot for beginner who will find it very useful



  • 1 Storage 20 slots/trash container
  • 1 Storage 20 slots/grilling pit
  • 1 Storage 20 slots/trunk car on the pool
  • 4 Storage 20 slots/wardrobe
  • 1 Storage 20 slots/balcony bar
  • 1 Storage 20 slots/boiler
  • 1 Storage 20 slots/bedside table
  • 3 Storage 20 slots/TV stand
  • 8 Plant Fiber + Seeds
  • 6 Berry Bushes = 18 Berries
  • 19 Pine Trees = 57 Pine Logs
  • 7 Pine Logs (Ground)
  • 12 Limestone (Ground)
  • Can Contain A fully cooked turkey in the grill near the pool
  • Phones , cigarettes are a very likely drop
  • Can contain Coupons
  • Bandages are a very likely drop
  • Alcohol is available but its not as likely to drop as phones or cigarettes
  • Signal Amplifier is a rare drop
  • Behind the locked door after clearing the debris, a Grenade is often found in the wardrobe