The minimap displays the location of the player and various interactables found through out the location.

It displays a 100-unit radius circle (or 200-unit diameter circle) where

  • Inner Ring 1 = 50-unit radius around you,
  • Middle Ring 2 = 75-unit radius around you, and,
  • Outer Ring 3 = 100-unit radius around you.


The percentage (%) that is displayed below the minimap, is your Exploration Experience meter but was removed in Beta v.1.11.5.

Zombie Senses

Most Zombies can see or smell you within Inner Ring 1 = 50 units.

Toxic Zombies have higher senses.

Rabid Wolves can see or smell you within Middle Ring 2 = 75 units.

Random Spawn, however, changes their senses to Middle Ring 2 whatever type of zombie that is.

Bunker Alfa Zombies have only Inner Ring 1 Senses. Note that the rings were disabled in Bunker Alfa.

Minimap Key

Silver arrow (White Blip): The Player (You) changed to silver arrow in Beta v.1.11.10

Green Blip: Friendly Creatures (Puppy, Dog, Raider)

Yellow Blip: Passive Creature (Deer, Fox, Wild Turkey)

Red Blip: Hostile Creature (AI Survivor, Roaming Zombie, Grey Wolf, etc.)

Green "X": Dead Friendly Creature

Yellow "X": Dead Passive Creature

Red "X": Dead Hostile Creature

Tombstone: Dead Player

Chest: Storage/Loot

Chest open: Storage/Loot opened at Camp. Sector 7 added in Beta v.1.12.2

Lockers: Loot

Large Boxes: Loot (Abandoned Car, Airdrop)

Wrench: Workstations, (Campfire, Garden Bed, Woodworking Bench, etc.)

Pine Trees: Pine Log

Dead Trees: Pine Log

Rocks: Limestone

Rocks w/ Metal: Iron Ore, Bauxite, Copper Ore

Plant: Plant Fiber, Seeds

Ladder: Entrance/exit of the Basements added in Beta v.1.12.2

Seaweed: Seaweed added in Beta v.1.17.11


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