Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki

Heavy multi-barreled machine gun. You will hardly need anything else.
– In-game description


"Heavy multi-barreled machine gun. You will hardly need anything else."

Information and Usage

The Minigun is an extremely rare weapon that boasts one of the highest achievable DPS of the game thanks to its damage per shot being slightly higher than a glock, and high firing speed.

However, and unlike most firearms, its weight is extremely heavy, which slows the user down by 50% when equipped. Firing requires the user to hold down the fire button for ~1.6 seconds to wind up the minigun before it starts spewing out bullets, but if the minigun keeps firing for an extended period of time (26 bullets) , it will enter a state of cooldown hinted by the end of the barrel turning brighter. When in cooldown, the minigun is unable to shoot for a short period of time ~1.5 seconds and needs to wind up again to be able to shoot.

Besides having one of the highest DPS of the game, its cons are too important to be left unnoticed, which cripples its usefulness to the point of being a very sluggish and unreliable weapon. It can be effective at best when dealing with slow or immobile targets with a large health pool as long as the minigun outranges it, but otherwise its wind up time is too slow to prevent fast enemies from covering enough ground before engaging into melee combat.

Other than being a weapon, it is also a key component to finalize the craftable Turret and should be kept at home until the user unlocks the level requirement for the Turret's blueprint and/or the components to build the base of the turret.



On the Recycler, a Minigun can be recycled into Spring, Factory Parts, and Carbon Composite in 1 hour at an appropriate level of Firearms recycling skill.