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Powerful weapon for eliminating the enemy on a large area
– In-game description


"Powerful weapon for eliminating the enemy on a large area"


The Milkor MGL is currently the most damaging weapon in Last Day on Earth: Survival. Upon firing, it will create a blast radius then will explode in one second, dealing 200 Damage to enemies without armor. This weapon currently has the lowest durability of all other weapons, so it's not a good idea to equip only this to fight.

The Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher (the initials for MGL) also uses up its durability whether there are hostiles around you or not, so only use it only when absolutely necessary.


It can destroy Resource Nodes such as Pine Trees and Limestone Rock but removes the ability to gather anything from them.

It deals 200 Damage to Enemies and to yourself if you're also inside the danger zone. If your Impregnable skill is maxed out, it only deals 80% (160 Damage) to yourself. These damage are subject to damage reduction caused by the enemies' and your armor. Armor and Impregnable Skill work multiplicatively

The Milkor MGL is a very effective weapon if used correctly, it can make quick work of the Ravager, The Witch and the most useful weapon if you for some reason want to take down The Big One*

This is used to damage enemies within the blast radius. It is recommended to lure enemies to chase you, then to go crazy and constantly fire away. Also, wear SWAT Armor or Kevlar Armor if you are using this weapon because chances are you are going to get hit depends on if the danger zone (red circle) go near you or has you in it. So bring First Aid Kits, Bandages, Food, and at least 2 sets of SWAT Armor.

*Note: It takes 5.68 Milkor MGL to take him down or 5 full durability Milkor MGL + 11 shots from the 6th one. Bring at least 2 sets of Swat or higher Armor and at least 5 stacks (100 pieces) of First Aid Kits.



On the Recycler, a Milkor MGL can be recycled into Spring, Factory Parts, and Carbon Composite in 1 hour at an appropriate level of Firearms recycling skill.

Tips and Trivia

  • Introduced in Beta v.1.6.9
  • Best used for Blackport PD 99 waves
    • It can hit all zombies with its area damage in the Arena. You can easily squeeze out 1000 dmg from 1 Milkor shot if you use it in this way. Use 1 shot per wave and finish the rest of the wave off with set of Grenades, substitute to Milkor; use secondary weapons when there are small health left after using 1 shot of Milkor or 1 Grenade.
  • Not recommended of usage against The Big One since it can close the gap between its target easily and Milkor MGL deals AoE damage which would also deal damage to its user if he/she is also in explosions range (shown as red circle), plus The Big One damage once he hits you.
  • Due to the fact that the Milkor MGL does 200 Damage and can damage armor, and drain the players health quickly when blasted, fire it at preferably slow ones at a range where the red circle, a.k.a. danger zone, isn't near you or when the enemy locked by the weapon attack animation is coming near you since the red circle follows its target.
  • They are also useful for slower zombies such as the Frenzied Giant or any group/wave of Zombies that will drain your other weapons' durability fast, as well as the heavy turrets in Bunker Alfa, or even to kill the raiders if they attack your base (see Raiding System).
  • One of the Raider summoned by the CB Radio at your home base, holds a Milkor MGL.


Usage in Blackport PD


BEST WAY to Complete 99 Waves (Police Station) In Last Day on Earth

go to 5:28 in the video to see how it is used