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Maze is an event location on the Global Map during the Season 16.

Completing the Maze will reward the player with Family reputation items and sometimes Empty crate for household goods. Hacksaw and Nipper are loot rewards from Week 1. Emergency lamp and Signal Amplifier are added to the loot rewards in Week 2. Pruning shears and Watering can are added to the loot rewards in Week 3.

There are two NPCs in the Maze, one is the keeper who is at the Maze entrance, and the other is Daryl. The keeper cannot be interacted.


The Maze

There are several versions of the Maze. The player must find the keeper's key to unlock the locked chest inside the keeper's house. The keeper's key is barricaded by hedges, in which to have access, the player must locate and build a fire to two extinguished fires, requiring 3 Common Logs as fuel each. After building the fires, a passage is revealed to the keeper's key, indicated by two torches being lit.

Extinguished fires are blocked by several obstacles. Some obstacles require Hatchet or Iron Hatchet to cut obstructing trees or vines. Another obstacle require Pickaxe or Iron Pickaxe to mine through a blocking Limestone Rock. Sometimes, the player is required to go through a basement door. There are also thinned out hedges the player can pass through.

Daryl can be found in the Maze. By interacting with him, the player can choose to depart and go to the Maze entrance.

There are four total loots including the locked chest. One is the chest outside the keeper's house where the locked chest is located. The other one is also a chest randomly found in the Maze. And the last one requires Shovel to be looted.