Lucas' House was an event location on the Global Map.

Lucas' House is a time limited 8 hour event that spawns once a day.

This event will end March 8th, so be sure to give all your items to Lucas before then!

Some strange noises are coming from a house nearby

Lucas' House map.png

"I'm going to have a little party." - Lucas

"Help me make costumes." - Lucas

"Almost ready, come a bit later." - Lucas

"I have some rewards left." - Lucas


Lucas works just like the Specialist. Put items in, reach next level, take reward.

Lucas exchange for Reputation: Pins 2 points, Threads 1 point and Belt 3 points.

Lucas will give you a reward each time you level up your Reputation. 115 points are required for each level.

After reach lvl. 15 you can continue exchange items for Energy Drink

Exit and enter from Lucas' House. Lucas will ride in your Chopper with Pattern "Brazil" in front with zombies with the fantasies as Carnival parade.

After the parade, these zombies with fantasies will appears in resources zones.

  1. lvl. 115 points
  2. lvl. 230 points
  3. lvl. 345 points
  4. lvl. 460 points
  5. lvl. 575 points
  6. lvl. 690 points
  7. lvl. 805 points
  8. lvl. 920 points
  9. lvl. 1035 points
  10. lvl. 1150 points
  11. lvl. 1265 points
  12. lvl. 1380 points
    • Extremely rare modification blueprint Sight x4 AK-47
  13. lvl. 1495 points
  14. lvl. 1610 points
  15. lvl. 1725 points




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