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Liquidator is the first Boss in Bunker Bravo. Looks like a person wearing an Orange Protective Suit Radiation. His face is still wearing a Gas Mask.

Has a kind of green tumor on his right shoulder. Usually he will appear after player kills all zombies in his room.

Killing him you gain +5000xp


  • It is highly suggested that the players release the turkeys in the room after killing the initial zombies.
  • This boss has a fear of wild turkeys, meaning it will attack it first if one approaches it. Players can use this as an advantage. It will be much better to use powerful weapons during this time as the boss will attack the turkey first then eat it, somehow this doesn't heal the boss.
  • Beware dealing with this boss as it's not the only entity that damages you, there's also radiation which decreases your total health over time, but once you kill the boss, leave the area and Rad. health will decrease again to normal health.


  • Introduced in Beta v.1.15
  • The Liquidator model has been reused for the Season 10 Event enemy known as the Vicious Beast