Update 1.15: Season 3

It’s been a long route, and here we are. Season 3 is starting right now!

There’s so much new stuff: a new bunker, new events, fort Moss, fishing, swamp locations, and ATV! Being active during Season 3 is your best chance to make a good start in assembling ATV. Let’s go!

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What is that roaring for the hills? It's the engine of ATV tattering silence for miles! It's
terribly hard to assemble such a beast, you will need a lot of parts for an updated recipe.
The main places to obtain rare parts for ATV are Bunker Bravo and the slot machine at
the Gas Station. Also, you can get them as a reward for the seasonal ranking "Defense of
fort Moss".

Season 3 begins with great news! Survivors managed to get into bunker Bravo. Apart
from the lobby, the bunker has 3 floors. To start the elevator and get down to the lower
floors, you will need a generator. Keep in mind that when you activate the terminal down
there, the doors behind you will close and there won't be any time for thinking over with
the radiation level increasinq drastically, crowds of zombies approachinq and every
second counting. At the end of every floor you will have to beat down a boss. For killing
the boss, you will receive a box with a reward. The reward for every next floor will grow
cooler, and on the last floor you will be waited by the rarest prize - gas cylinders for
ATV. A lot of factors will be working against you down there in the bunker, but you can
simplify the task and repair the system in the lobby that will remove any two effects
willing to kill you for every level. Other helpers in bunker Bravo will be medicines
restoring health damaged by radiation and ampoules with AntiRad mitigating radiation
effects. AntiRad has to be taken in advance. If you realize that you won't make it till the
end when clearing the floor, you can return, restore your stats and restart the terminal.
Zombies will respawn, but at least you will save your life.

A group of survivors from abandoned fort Moss is calling for help! Their camp is being
attacked by hordes of zombies from swamps and the fort won't withstand the onslaught.
Grab a hammer and a firearm - you will have to rebuild an unassailable fort out of the
destroyed base keeping hordes of swamp zombies at bay. Completing quests, helping
with fortifications and fighting against zombies will be rewarded with points forming
tops of the seasonal rankings. Top rankings differ in numbers of prizes obtained -
players of each top will receive parts of ATV as a reward, but the more defense points
you score and the more unique is the top list you take a position in, the more parts of
ATV you will get by the end of the season. The rankings update daily, so if you are
determined to get the best rewards, resting on the previous laurels won't work out. If you
upgrade the location to the highest level, you will be able to fend off daily attacks of the
horde and score extra points up to the end of the season. Ranking rewards will be given
by the end of the season.

What is hidden in the swamp? You will have to figure it out. Too little information is
available. Due to its inaccessibility, Swamp is the most mysterious place on the map. It
is known that there are 2 locations with different levels of difficulty, swarming with
uncommon zombies. Going there by foot or on a bike is a sure death in a disgusting bog.
Only ATV will save you from bogging down and let you get through. Also, the swampland
is filled with plenty of previously unknown resources: sulfur, peat, swamp ore and much
more. Somehow even edible corn, various sprouts and spices grow there. But it's safe to
say that only the most determined survivors will manage to reveal the secrets of the

A new rare event called Junkyard appeared on the map. They say that for completing a
few tasks one can earn a fair reward, even parts for ATV. But get prepared, as on your
way you may meet not only a peaceful survivor asking for help, but a gang of cruel bikers
who will send an unwanted guest packing with a couple of shots. You can reach
Junkyard only on Chopper of level 40 or higher.

It's almost a wonder of nature - fish came back to our ponds! Grab a fishing rod and go
to fishing locations with ponds which will appear on the global map at varying frequency.
Apart from a fishing rod and quick hands, you will need Fisherman skill. Water surface,
insects chirping, meditating fishing are great. And salmon for dinner is even better!
Survivors' diet has been enriched with a range of fish dishes giving various buffs. You
can cook them on a new kitchen stove.

Someone's driven an unusual car to the Gas Station. It is unusual because of a slot
machine issuing prizes fastened to the body of the car. And the prizes are not some
trifles! There is C4, minigun, VSS Vintorez, and other cool stuff, but most importantly,
there is transmission and other parts of ATV. You can play it for caps obtained in Bunker
Bravo and a seasonal battle pass. Valuable prizes will be raffled in the grand prize game:
turn caps over, gain 3 caps with identical images displaying your reward. Also, the grand
prize game allows you to win extra caps which can be exchanged at Lenny for a new
fancy skin for your bike.

Now you have an option not to spend time, energy and equipment on collecting
resources and experience from clearing out locations. There is a new feature in the
window of locations allowing you to automatically clear a location for rations. Collected
resources can be found in your inbox. Auto location clear out is available from level 10
for green and yellow resource locations, from level 15 for red locations and from level 35
for Police Station and Bunker Alfa.

No time to explain - there is a pile of new workbenches and recipes waiting for craft!
Some of the recipes contain resources from the swamp in their core, which is another
argument in favor of assembling ATV to go exploring the swampland. Due to a huge
number of new recipes, their level scale has been changed. Don't worry, if you haven't
leveled up so much yet - it's just a matter of time.

Now you can store even more stuff on your base! Upgrade the racks to increase their
capacity. Before you could store 20 logs in one cell, for example, now it's possible to
shove in up to 70 pieces. Every next level increases the capacity of a cell by 5 more

Update 1.14.5: Sector 7: global map, horde, ranking

Zombie-apocalypse everybody! While guns of Season 2 were barking, changes have come to Sector 7. Let’s take a look at what’s going on behind the Wall.

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The common and convenient navigation is now added to multiplayer. Apart from
locations, the map also displays position and movements of your party members. Stay
aware of maneuvers of your allies for better coordination of your own actions and quick
joining to your brothers-in-arms.

The radioactive storm passed away, but there is a new threat - the Horde. If not stopped,
crowds of zombies will not leave a single stone at your base standing.
Unite and protect reinforcements, only a solid clan will manage to fight off this threat.

The old clan storage will soon disappear, and small supplies will be possible to store
right at the base. But no worries, the Horde will not get hold of them.

Radiation in Sector 7 has become more realistic. Make sure your character has stayed
irradiated not too long, otherwise the consequences won't be slow in coming. Luckily,
there are antiradiation medicines that will get them back on their feet in case of

We are constantly working hard to make the game interesting to play solo as well as
within a team. So once again we changed damage figures and increased armor and
weapon durability (even if it seems for you that the durability of your items went down).
Looking forward to seeing your comments on the new system and hoping we won't have
to change anything further on that front.

From now on, you can score ranking points for activity in the wasteland. Once a week
you will be able to get a certain reward for them. The most active survivors will be
allowed to participate in location claim. Those who have got the highest score will win,
their names will get known to all players of LDoE, and their clans will receive a buff.

If you still survive in Sector 7 alone, it's time to find yourself a company. The drop rate
for parties has been increased, so unite.

HK416 has been added to Sector 7. The very gun of the best special forces in the world
is now your ally.

On All Hallows' Eve survivors will receive a pleasant gift in their inboxes. Don't forget to
take it and make your home location a little cozier, otherwise the gift will simply
disappear over time.

Update 1.14.3: Season 2

Season 2 is out now!

Charlie was defeated, but this nightmare is not over.
You have to continue the cooperation with the soldiers, but remember, survivor: do not trust anyone.

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Secret military experiments lead into trouble, but we learn nothing from history. The
military decided to carry out a number of experiments on Charlie's body. Something went
wrong and got out of their control. A meeting with Colonel Barker will clear things up.

The consequences of the military experiments are already making themselves felt.
Destroy all cocoons and the tainted.

A group of survivors is in grave danger. It's in your hands to shift the balance of power in
favor of the good guys.

Mutations caused by the experiments have spread at rapid-fire pace. New enemies won't
be long in coming, but good-old lead and steel are still a good cure for annoying

The main danger comes from those guys. Beating them down will take a while. But with
knack and wits, it's all accomplishable. This time you will learn that a monster is not
necessarily a creepy mutant.

You can never have too much weapon. A harpoon has been used by people for
thousands of years. So don't even question its reliability. Now the primaeval power is in
your hands.

A great strong card to even the odds against the new threat. Light, strong, and reliable
armor will increase the chances to survive when meeting any enemy, whether it's a
zombie or a human.

Update 1.14.1: Sector 7: Medical supplies and new clan rank.

Sector 7 has things to show!

What's up:
- new eatable goodies;
- medical supplies can be good and can be nasty;
- radioactive storm is still terrorizing Outpost, but now less often;
- leaders! it's time to choose your right hand;

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Hunger and thirst are just as dangerous as other threats in Sector 7. Behind the Wall, you
can have a snack as well. There is blackeberry, blackberry tea, tuna, and field ration.
However, food won't restore your health immediately. It will take some time to get strong

There is a new class of medicines in the game. Although it takes some time to use them,
they immediately restore health. Be careful: antibiotic can lead to overdose.

Extremely unpleasant condition when the survivor feels sick, moves slowly, can't build
anything and work with workbenches, and only little health gets restored. So, one more
time: don't take antibiotic more than two times in a row.

Now you don't have to invest resources in building on the location Outpost. Instead of
this, players will be able to craft workbenches and place them on their own as they wish.
Moreover, bonfire and rain catcher have been added for your comfortable life in Sector 7.
Radioactive Storm now happens once in seven days. If at the time of the update, you had
resources at the location Outpost, the storm will come in three days, as before, and then
the new system will be applied.

There is a new rank in clans, right hand. The responsibilities are inviting players, editing
the message of the day, clan description, changing joining type and clanmates' ranks.

All resource locations are now generated randomly. New objects have been added.

The network code has undergone some changes affecting connection speed and data
synchronization with server.

We have extended the time for collecting resources required for getting bike Paragon.
Now anyone who wants it can still make it to get the brutal skin.

Update 1.14: Season 1

Hello, sailors! A ship has touched the ground, and Season 1 starts NOW.

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- In the post-apocalyptic times, danger can come from anywhere. Even from the sea.
Some survivors found notes made by Darren Wells, seasoned sailor, who went off to the
sea at the wrong time. But now word spread about a mysterious ship which crashed in
the South. Sailors have spread across the familiar locations.
- With the beginning of the season you've received access to weekly quests. As you
complete them, you will get various resources, and the most sturdy survivors who will
complete all the quests will get unique rewards: new skins for Chopper, Corgis, and other
valuable items. The list of quests will be updating in a special section dedicated to the
first season.

- The bike upgrade system has been reconsidered. Every survivor can have only one
bike, but customize it the way they want, even upgrade it according to their personal
needs. To do that, visit Jane at the gas station. Don't forget to bring a few parts, and she
will add new perks to your iron friend. If you've already upgraded the bike yourself, some
part of the experience gained will remain. If you have collected a lot of modification
blueprints - they've been converted into magazines that can be exchanged with Jane for
bike experience. All stuff from the carrier will be waiting for you in your inbox. By the
way, speaking about the gas station - now it is possible to get there only if you have a

- What happened on board remains a big mystery. Some mention about a mutiny, others
- about the attack of the Awaiters' sect. To clear up the mystery, find the remains of
Darren Wells' journal who was one of the sailors staying aboard till the end.

- Cute corgi puppies have been added to the game, and along with them 3 new perks:
Earner, Full, and Lucky. The first one considerably decreases the need for food of all
dogs by 10%, with the second one your corgi doesn't need food when staying in the dog
crate, and with the third perk you will receive 1 coin a day.

Update 1.12.3 Sector 7: Radioactive storm

Dear members of clans, this update is for you. Time to gather all your bros and stand against another misfortune in Sector 7 - Radioactive storm.

The storm is coming. Radioactive one.

Check out fresh update v. 1.12.3!

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- Good news for clans - there is a new location behind the Wall - Outpost.
- Clanmates can restore workbenches and place chests at the location.
- Chests are available to everyone by default. Changing access settings is only available to a clan leader.
- Every three days the location gets completely destroyed by a radioactive storm. Valuable stuff should be taken away for that time.
- Players can collect resources on locations in Sector 7. For that, an axe and a pickaxe have been added, along with a backpack to carry it all away.
- To increase the chance of survival behind the Wall, there have been added good old close-in fighting weapons - Crowbar, Cleaver, Spear, Baseball Bat, and an extra slot in the pocket of those who have it unlocked.
- Game balance has been improved. Consequently, recipes of weapons and armor have been changed.

Update 1.12.2. Basements

What's that noise coming from the basement? You should go down and check an update 1.12.2 now!

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- Scientists and the military carried out many experiments back in the day. Part of them
believed that underground shelters might help to survive the last day on Earth. Some are
still inhabited, others are occupied by the living dead, and all these years the basements
have been right there under your nose.
- To find them, you have to carefully explore basic resource locations. The secret
entrance may be found in the most unexpected place. There are 5 basements in total.
Each with its own loot and inhabitants. When dying, you lose everything and will not be
able to return to the basement. Good luck!

- The latest update in Sector 7 has given us Miner, the boss only a few clans managed to
slay, while comments in social networks got filled with ads recruiting new members. For
those who wish to spend a fierce evening trying to beat the Miner, we've decreased the
number of items required for repairing the Sector 7 terminal.

- Forget about rumors and assumptions on LDoE spreading over the Internet. From now
on, the most up-to-date information from the developers and the hottest offers will be
available right in the game on a special screen.

Devblog 06/14: Update 1.12.1

Hey, folks! We've got an update for you. Place of action: Sector 7 New weapons, new combat equipment, new quests, new enemies, the boss and more.

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The arsenal of multiplayer will be added with new positions. Among them there is a
spear, a sawed-off shotgun, a shield and other tools for mopping up territories and self-
protection. Characteristics of some weapons will help you dispatch enemies more

We've added new combat equipment meeting all requirements that explorers of the
wastelands have. Reliable, functional, accessible in production.

By the way, all the new weapons and equipment for Sector 7 are now added to the
Recipes section behind the wall. If you have the required amount of materials, you are
ready for any battle. Apart from the common resources for making weapons and other
consumables, you will need new ones. Don't worry, they are already in the game.

In Sector 7 one can strike it rich. But besides being infected, chests out there are
guarded by watchful zombies ready to tear to shreds any loot hunter.

Updated quests and rewards.

Familiar places have undergone visual changes. Locations have been refurbished.

Sector 7 is known for a lot of dangerous surprises. This time they will be Guards, Oozer
and the boss Miner. Incredibly vicious guys that are never pleased to have unwanted

Update 1.12: Anniversary

Are you ready for a good time? Anniversary update 1.12 is out! Partybus, quests, Huskies!

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- Last Day on Earth is turning 2 years old! We invite everyone to take part in a great celebration!
- Your old friends will gather at a new location to celebrate another year survived. A big party is waiting for you!
- Prepare to take part in seven celebratory events. Fireworks, fights, new monsters - just the way you like it.
- What is a birthday without presents? Complete tasks and get just rewards.

- Hot news for all dog lovers - huskies settled down in these parts!
- Supposedly, these dogs came from the north searching for food, so it's quite expected that they can found in snowy locations. You also have a chance to get a husky puppy with humanitarian aid box.
- You can't crossbreed huskies with other breeds, only with huskies. So beautiful, but so picky.

Update 1.11.12: Mercenaries

Can you hear it? It seems to be the sounds of a guitar. Mercenaries are already here.

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- Time to meet mercenaries! Having made friends with their leader and offered a small price, you can make a contract with one of the available mercenaries.
- To make a contract you'll need special points. You can get them for field rations, first aid kits, and cards. To do this, you'll have to loot boxes in forests and kill a couple of zombies.
- Don't forget that mercenaries are like nomads, they don't belong to one place for a long time, so don't miss the event. It takes place from 26.04 till 13.05. Available to survivors at level 10 and higher.

- Each mercenary is unique and has their strengths and weaknesses. Someone will help you to obtain ore, another mercenary will increase your gained experience, some other one will be afraid of going to bunker, and someone under no circumstances will go to the police station.
- Mercenaries and raiders prefer staying away from each other's business, so no mercenary will help you to raid other players. Be careful when choosing a true companion depending on your set tasks.
- A mercenary can die of a fatal wound. They can be saved with a shot of adrenaline. Look for needles in bunker, the police station and at the farm.

- If after some traveling you discovered that you want to be all alone for some time, you can always remove your mercenary from the group and get him back to mercenaries' camp while the contract is still valid.
- When the contract is over, your mercenary will leave you, having left all stuff in the chest at mercenaries' camp.

- We made lots of technical changes in A1 characters that's why before you restart such locations as bunker, farm, police station, you may face some strange zombie behavior. As soon as the locations are restarted, everything will be right, so don't panic!

Update 1.11.10: Party

An update 1.11.10 is out (no kidding). Grab your mates and get this party started right now!

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- Create groups with your friends to 3 members to walk around the wasteland. Even if you are from different clans - it's not a problem. All you need is to know a player's tag. It's much more fun to mop up the territory with your bros, than with some random guys.

- The fierce boss of Sector 7 has changed. Yet not his gruesome nature, so you still have to bust a gut before you and your friends share the loot from killing him. However, with proper skills and good wits, a few of your nerve cells can still be saved.

- We've added Twitch Drops for our streamers and their viewers! To activate them, go to the Settings section and connect your game account to the one on Twitch. This is very easy and rewardable with coins. More information about promotions and prize events will be published on our social media.

Devblog 03/18: Update 1.11.8

An update 1.11.8 is out☘️

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We're continuing to add weapon active skills. This update will include 4 new ones: Zip Gun with improved Revolver base, Knife for AK47, Powerful Plank for Makeshift Bat and Engine for Saw Blade Mace.

We have changed the system of character customization. From now on, to change gender, name, or appearance, all you need is to assemble a wardrobe. Remember that changes can be saved for coins, so think very well before getting a new haircut.

Raise a pint to St. Patrick's Day! Want to get a green hat and celebrate in a big way? Welcome to dealer Joe. The stock is very limited, but if you're lucky enough, and Joe offers you to trade something for a hat - don't ponder. It will stay with you even when the holidays are over, we won't take it away. For those of survivors who don't want to celebrate all alone, we've added a mannequin to keep a company. You can find it in the in-game store.

The global map has been overhauled. Some locations have been replaced, so watch where you're going.

Hello, Thailand! Last Day on Earth has been localized into Thai specially for you.

Next update changes in Global Map

"The global map is going to undergo some changes in the next update. Why? To allow us add more events without worrying about free space. Some locations will be rearranged, so stay alert while travelling.

We’ll also change the way AI bases work. You’ll be able to visit them only once for a limited period of time, so we advise you to move all your stuff kept over there to another place.

P.S. We won't touch the bunker."


"Kowalski for survivors!
My platoon and I were scouting the nearby locations, when the landscape started changing.
The ground was shaking, the trees were being uprooted, and the skies were roaring.
The global map was transforming right before our eyes."


Devblog 03/04: Update 1.11.7

Kick-start your week with an update v. 1.11.7:

– Sector 7 small reconstruction;

– 4 new locations in the infected zone;

– Quests & rewards;

– Weapon & Armor;

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Our post-apocalyptic homeland is buzzing with the news about changes in Sector 7. Is it true? You won’t know until you go and see for yourself.


- Sector 7 got reconstructed a bit. There is no garage anymore, there's only the Wall and a camp set up in front of it. The camp will be a survivors' gathering spot for sending to infected zones. To navigate through the zones, open the map on the console located in the camp. The coolest thing is that you won't have to spend your precious energy to travel to these locations.

- 4 new locations in the infected zone. There you'll be able to join other survivors and together teach local zombies a thing or two. The locations differ in difficulty and loot. Get ready to meet a boss at one of them, and it's not a good idea to fight him alone.

- To brawl with the dead you're gonna need a new set of armor and weapons - grab MP5K rifle and Steel Spear for close-in fighting. New ammunition is intended only for the infected zone.

- An unknown warrior will be waiting for every brave survivor ready to pass the Wall. He will offer you to complete a set of quests. Completing them will give you some nice stuff.

Devblog 02/19: Update 1.11.6

So many new amazing things have been added to this update that we’re just about to burst into a dance of delight.

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- We reasoned that chests take up a lot of space. so we more than halved their number on your bases and increased the number of slots in top chests. Now the storage can keep up to 45 different items, and racks - up to 75.
- Removed chest and storage blueprints from recipes - you will have to place a small box, and then upgrade it to the required size.
- All your things are in place. We have carefully put them in a new way. And for those who didn't have enough place for everything, we just upgraded the chests. And if you had an obscene amount of stuff, we put the left items to your inbox.
- And even that's not all. Now chests draw an image on their cover telling what items, for the most part, are there.

Leveled up Burglar skill and don't know what you need it for? Let us tell you. On common and non-common locations, starting from pine bushes to the bunker, you can encounter locked doors and chests. And they can be locked in different ways.

Tired of raiders asking you to craft chests and spike traps? So are we. Added lots of new tasks and tried to make them easier. Plus we halved the price for skipping tasks.

Too much news in one patchnote. Gasoline consumption when travelling in locations halved. Drive for pleasure.

Added grenade. Throw it at a crowd of zombies and watch the result. You can also throw it at your feet.

The carnival is here! Your new brazilian friend Lucas offers to shake this place and throw an orgiastic party. To arrange a real sambadrome, he needs your help. Find the items required - threads, belts and pins. Once all preparations are done, we will have a true Zombie Carnival! For your help Lucas can reward you with a rare modification, a firearm, an electronic circuit or even a new skin for the Chopper. All rewards will remain with you when the event is over. The Carnival will be rocking the neighbourhood from 21.02 to 08.03.

Update 1.11.6: carnival

52369187 853942114943612 957839502997454848 o

Survivors, there is good and not so good news for you. The upcoming update with the upgrade of chests has been postponed until next week. This has to do with some details needing to be improved, and we want everything to be done at a really good level.

Another important point is the removement of military boxes, which many of you might have heard about from streamers and YouTubers. We appreciate the time and resources you have spent on them, so we are preparing a pleasant compensation.

Anyway, don’t be upset about the delay – the final version of the update is larger and cooler since we decided to add to it a decent event in the best traditions of a Brazilian carnival! So prepare for double fun!

❗️Upd. Your military boxes will turn into racks, and its capacity is 75 slots. All your items will be safe!

51824015 853320658339091 4806869003307843584 n


- We reasoned that chests take up a lot of space. so we more than halved their number on your bases and increased the number of slots in top chests. Now the storage can keep up to 45 different items, and racks - up to 75.
- Removed chest and storage blueprints from recipes - you will have to place a small box, and then upgrade it to the required size.
- All you things are in place. We have carefully put them in a new way. And for those who didn't have enough place for everything, we just upgraded the chests. And if you had an obscene amount of stuff, we put the left items to your inbox.
- And even that's not all. Now chests draw an image on their cover telling what items, for the most part, are there.

Leveled up Burglar skill and don't know what you need it for? Let us tell you. On common and non-common locations, starting from pine bushes to the bunker, you can encounter locked doors and chests. And they can be locked in different ways.

Tired of raiders asking you to craft chests and spike traps? So are we. Added lots of new tasks and tried to make them easier. Plus we halved the price for skipping tasks.

Too much news in one patchnote. Gasoline consumption when travelling in locations halved. Drive for pleasure.

Added grenade. Throw it at a crowd of zombies and watch the result. You can also throw it at your feet.

Chinese New Year 2019 🎆🐖

Just as in 2018, we will have an update regarding the Chinese New Year, close to 5 February, they added new Pattern "Chinese Dragon"

Update 1.11.5: New skill system

We were unsatisfied with the character upgrading system in the game and have been searching for the right way to change the procedure of obtaining new skills. If you’ve been playing Last Day on Earth for a while, you know very well that level up has never really made any difference. Many of you asked us to add at least a nominal reward for every level achieved, but we find such an option unreasonable, since, essentially, it is not advantageous for a player’s progress. That’s why we decided to completely overhaul the survivor’s progression.

50849891 844238549247302 3669082911912493056 o



Radical changes will impact every survivor - the character upgrading system has been completely overhauled:

- Exploration experience has been removed: now, with every level reached you will be able to select a skill. Choose skills you find most necessary and develop your character in your own sweet way.

- You can also whisk dust from your 99th level - level cap has been increased to 200.


Motorcycle Driver skill, ATV Driver skill, Cold Survival, Focused and Camouflage Master skills have also been ruthlessly removed. They were replaced with new skills, for example, Quick Step, which will allow you to move faster in sneaking mode, or Strict Diet, pushing hunger away.


- Your active and most rare skills achieved with sweat and blood remain with you, but not all the skills have been transferred to the new system. In accordance with your level, you will receive points to upgrade your skills within the new system, meaning that if you are level 99, but you didn't have many skills, you are still to be given 98 skill points as well.

- Survivors who used to possess a significant number of skills and consequently lost some part of them - don't be upset, as they have been compensated with a gift in your inbox.

Update 1.11.4

Let’s start the week with a small update!

It’s time to spot the most skillful survivor of our post-apocalyptic wasteland. Slow enemies down, deal critical blows and more damage - weapon mods with active skills are added to the game. The mods are added to Glock, AK-47, SCAR, VSS Vintorez, Shotgun, M16, Bow, Baseball Bat, and Machete. Mods can be found at the farm and police station locations.

Update 1.11.3

Holiday madness won’t let you go that easy – not a chance. New bosses are flocking to the global map, seeking for their first victims. Are you ready for a fight?

48371533 823935931277564 6272671629818462208 o

Grab your weapons and set off to the global map – new bosses are craving for the blood of first victims.

Snow Field Claus Dynamiter Infected Junkyard Kramp Greg's Barn Greg Not-Greg Bell Champagne Christmas Tree Cupcake Fairy Lights Guzzler Henchman Holly Infected Deer Ralph's Hat Red Hat Red Jacket Red Pants Snowy Race Track Ugly Christmas Sweater Wooden Figure Yule Log

Update 1.11.2

Attention! The perimeter of Sector 7 has been breached by ashy zombies. Martial law was introduced, voluntary mobilization was declared. Time to team up against the common enemy!

48416626 821276648210159 6448820350435196928 o

- Sector 7 is at war; - Man versus radiation; - Zombie versus revolver;

Update 1.11.1: Hunter’s Camp

There are alarming reports from the hunters’ camp. Sounds like urgent help is needed. Hurry up!

48388174 817058131965344 4272701275004469248 o

Who needs a hero? Look in the mirror, there go your hero! Update 1.11.1 is here: - Rescue mission; - Gangsta paradise with the new gun; - More gifts! - Mind-blowing skins for bikes🔥 - Break the wall;

Update 1.11: Christmas Event

Ho ho ho – the season of Christmas festivities is officially open! All is good and proper: presents, a Christmas tree, Santa zombie. The fun begins!

47271099 807841242887033 5140350837062631424 o

Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho! We start Christmas celebration with update 1.11: - Be fast to be first; - Be bold to open a reward🎁 - Decorate or trade; - A Christmas tree glows in the dark, gifts fill a backpack🎄

Christmas is coming 🎅🎄🎁❄

25348802 585625301775296 5372117721232957664 n

"We deliberately froze all the characters in this video so that you could hear the steps of the upcoming Christmas event. Stay tuned, survivors!" (from,

"Winter season of track racing in LDoE is coming soon. You can't be too fast." (from,

"Who was a good boi this year?" (from,

Devblog 11/23: Update 1.10.3

No time to explain, get on the Chopper and set off! The map has been added with a new site of pilgrimage for fans of fast driving and tremendous road of engine noise – Gas Station. The Gas Station is run by mechanic Jane who loves nothing more than bikes, tools and spare parts. Bring Jane parts required for work and get something appealing in exchange. May it be a blueprint for your new motorcycle? Or a repair kit? Well, it comes down to luck.

46513501 801338586870632 852922239459262464 o

Update 1.10.2: Clan Base

In our previous life, we used to spend a lot of time in a fuss and pleasant coolness of the subway. It’s time to dust of the fluff of these memories and bring them out. A new location was spotted under Sector 7 where you can hang out with your clan and prepare to global domination. The name to it is “Bunker. Sector 7”. Every player can get there if they have opened the wall of Sector 7 and joined a clan. The whole world above is all that’s left for loners, while this place is for those who are ready to get together. For survival or something else? We’ll see.

46293718 796474987356992 7324339611134590976 o

We're going deeper underground! Update 1.10.2 is out: - One more location was spotted under Sector 7; - There is no place for loners: only clan members can get to the party; - It's time to finally get your Chopper NOW; More info:

Update 1.10: Halloween and Día de los Muertos

Spooky hello, survivors (and others too)! Though our latest updates were not so big, there is a reason, to be specific, even two. Most of you know this year there gonna be not only one event dedicated to the All saints day - we’ve prepared two! Let’s get through the main details.

44753000 783440938660397 4075858293854044160 oía-de-los-muertos/782946238709867/

What a time to be dead! Update v. 1.10 is around the corner. Let's split up and check what's that noise coming from the woods: - Not one, but two Halloween events! 24/10 - 02/11 🎃 26/10 - 07/11 💀 - Some shady things take place in the west 🤔 (from

Ritual Book Ritual Checklist Pumpkin field Catrina's Cemetery Ritual Bench Simple Gravestone Rich Gravestone Splendid Gravestone Block of Marble Candle Marigold Sugar skulls‎ Treat Luchador Mask Mysterious Hat Pumpkin Helmet Sombrero Dangerous Raul Fred Hell Turkey High Witch Joe the Bumpkin Pumpkinhead Slasher Specimen Z Zombie Calavera Zombie Brains Zombie Eye Zombie Tooth

Halloween is coming 🎃


"Have no idea why everybody's dressed as a zombie this Halloween." (from,

Update 1.9.9

A new week is a new journey. This one we’re starting with a new update!

The doors of a roadside motel are now open for all stray survivors! The entertainment includes: a new location, some nice loot, new and not that difficult game mechanics. A friendly tip for you - stock up on hatchets and keep in mind that if a hungry zombie smells survivor flesh, even walls won't stop him.

44088648 779490305722127 2976475759910060032 o

Update 1.9.8

As one famous quote goes: “What are we going to do tonight Brain? “ - “Same thing we do every night Pinky… Try to survive the Last Day on Earth!”

Ok, we’ve changed it a bit but you got what we mean - the update 1.9.8. is now available!

42611224 769580026713155 3629915275484200960 o

Update 1.9.7

We celebrate your positive feedback on new events and locations and don’t forget to keep working on other tasks. This update will touch equally important aspects of the game: clans, quests, Chopper and perks.

The update is not too big, so let’s cut to the case right away - we added features of creating clans, joining them, admitting and rejecting new members. Time to unite with your fellows!

42099793 764651797205978 9085899595522768896 o

DevBlog 08/31: Update 1.9.6

More events to the god of events! Every day, survivors get even stronger and braver. Just as Lewis and Clark, they explore new zones searching for the remains of the lost civilization and vital resources. They say raiders found an abandoned police station and are planning to take all weapons out. Ready to get into a new adventure?

40451955 755004694837355 2945117263084126208 o

Update 1.9.4

Hi! We come up with the v. 1.9.4:

- New time-limited event Destroyed convoy. Something shady happened for sure;

- Mods increasing automatic weapon stability are your bros now. Less misses!

- Skills upgrade sped up in most locations;

38801609 734936863510805 4517118350467268608 o

DevBlog 08/01: Update 1.9.3

Hey! What do you think about the idea of going over to Granny’s farm? Pies, fresh milk, summer sunshine, a little river… Maybe in another life. No granny has set her foot here for years. The last dweller of the farm is a grumpy old man that needs to be taught good manners.

38200015 725171771153981 1398912475130232832 o

DevBlog 23/07: Update 1.9.1

Hello survivors! Great news for warm lamp light fans. It’s time to break silence and give way to real live communication.Now your trips to locations will become much more interesting. You’ll be able to share great news of getting the desired gun or resource with anyone - you’ll just have to friend.

37643383 715155532155605 1778028181786198016 o

DevBlog 07/06: Update 1.9

This update marks major rethinking of the weapon system customization. Anyone can hold a rusty Glock to keep enemies at bay, while crafting unique weapons is the top level of surviving.

36779209 698047340533091 6963421655141974016 o

DevBlog 10/14: Update 1.6.4.

Wonder what to do in these cold Autumn evenings? How about going to the post-apocalyptic world and continuing the fight for surviving? Moreover, new events are already waiting for you! Oh yes, - the update is now available!


DevBlog 27/09: Update 1.6.0.

The update is already available! Click on Update and start reading our Devblog. We are expanding the horizons, literally.

Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 20.44.57

Update 1.6.0. Delayed

Hi everyone. Yesterday we wrote that we were planning to release an update today. However, it turned out to be more work than we thought, and it had to be postponed. We are very sorry for misleading you, but this confirms our decision not to specify the exact time of update launches.

The update will be next week.

Thank you for your patience, happy weekends!

Ask the Dev Team Q&A Round 5.


Devs show off Armour modding:


Traditionally, we release updates every Friday or, as a last resort, on Saturdays. This week the team was very busy with implementation of more global tasks. We understand that you are waiting for new content, but we are preparing something huge, so it will take more time.

In order not to upset you before the weekend, we'll share a small preview of one of the future updates. Soon you'll be able to improve already existing sets of armor. Catch the first grades!

Dev Blog 09/09: Update 1.5.8.


Dev Blog 09/01: Update 1.5.7.


Dev Blog 08/26: Update 1.5.6.

Update is available as well as a new part of our Dev Blog. Let’s meet the last Summer weekend with new features and renewed minigun


Ask the Dev Team Q&A Round 4

The devs release their forth round of answers from questions selected from fans of the game:Devteam

Ask the Dev Team Q&A Round 3

The devs release their third round of answers from questions selected from fans of the game:Devteam

Ask the Dev Team Q&A Round 2

The devs release their second round of answers from questions selected from fans of the game:Devteam

Update released for Android!

Bunker level 2 live, new weapons (Zip Gun), Gunsmith Bench now craftable, new resources (Aluminium), Weapon mods finally and most importantly the Chopper Gas Tank is now available! Update will be available on IOS in three days.

Acid Bath blueprint bunker

Link to Dev blog notes:

Devs release a few more pics:

Coming this weekend. Flooded bunker level and much more stuff!


Radio Transmitter sketch.





Closeup of man in first pic reveals new items: Gas mask and Pistol with laser site. (Credit to SapphireKappa).

Ask the Dev Team Q&A Round 1

The devs release their first round of answers from questions selected from fans of the game: Devteam

Handmade Gun Teaser:


Sneak peek of the next of the next update - a Zip Gun!

Wallpapers released:

Wallpaper Wallpaper4 Wallpaper2 Wallpaper3

New Weapon Video:

NEW WEAPON - THE BOW - SNEAK PEEK - Last Day On Earth- Survival

NEW WEAPON - THE BOW - SNEAK PEEK - Last Day On Earth- Survival

Credits: Tripex

The devs show off new weapon:

It would seem that the devs have been reading the Rediit forum and have implemented a few of the suggestions on their including calls for a bow to be added. Hopefully this'll soon be available.


New Video Teasing Big Update:

The devs have released a video which shows off a big update to Bunker Alfa. It shows new items which can be found including the Chopper Gas Tank, Chopper Fork, Minigun, AK-47 and Patterns (which would appear to give you access to different Chopper paint jobs).

New trailer released!Inside bunker Alpha!Last Day on Earth Survival Trailer Update Ver 1

New trailer released!Inside bunker Alpha!Last Day on Earth Survival Trailer Update Ver 1.55


Dev Blog Update July 19th


Character Customisation:

A little quiet on the update front so, here's a look at some previously released images. Including a few on character customisation.

The first showing female customisation:


The second beard customisation, for all you hipsters out there! Beradcustimization

Latest Google Playstore pictures:

A few of the latest Google Playstore photo's give us a glimpse of features that will be in the final game. Including new weapons and vehicles!

Bunker Sketches:

It's always interesting to see what we started with working on creating any locations or characters. Today we share first bunkers' sketches!

Speculation on Reddit is that this is the section under Bunker Alfa, which Level 1 was made accessible in V1.5


Chopper Update:

The developers have reported the following info: The time has come for the Chopper! The recipe of its assembling was slightly changed - 4 backpacks replaced its exhaust. We decided to extend its functionality and give you a possibility not only to move quickly, but also to transport more items. Gasoline drop is increased and a chopper repaint opportunity is added. 10 new skins and 5 new colors are already ready!"


Necrotic Hybrid Creature Announced:

Soon this character will appear in one of the bunkers. Its body growths emanate toxic slime that will be an additional way to attack survivors as when stepping on it the player will get additional damage.

Necrotic hybrid

All info taken from developers facebook page:

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